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February 7, 2016

Enter the Political Stock Exchange | Capitol Quip

The East Front of the U.S. Capitol

The Supreme Court ruling on McCutcheon vs. FEC holds serious ramifications for congressional campaign committees, super PACs, and special interests, with some arguing that liberty, now more than ever, can and will be bought by the highest bidder(s). That brings us to this week’s Capitol Quip.

Send us a caption for this week’s contest by leaving it in the comments section. Editors will pick five finalists on Wednesday, and everyone can vote for the winner through Thursday.

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  • L. Camino

    Nah. They’re definitely not illegally parked. How can you suggest such nonsense!

  • Lars K.

    As they always say, “put your money where your mouthpiece is”.

  • Ed Beck

    They expect a high ROI for that big check.

  • No5thDown

    Looks like somebody won the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.

  • Alex Barriger

    Looks like our stock is rising in this town!

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    In a word: Ka-Ching!

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    If you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it!

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    Best investment you can make!

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    You kow the investment motto, “Past performance is not a guarantee of future results?” This one looks like a sure thing.

  • Wotann

    No “naked shorts–puhleeze!”

  • EJRotert

    When’s the court’s IPO, do you know?

  • EJRotert

    I hear they’re favorable to insider trading.

  • EJRotert

    Money talks and bullshit walks, yet Thomas still doesn’t say a thing.

  • EJRotert

    That’s the Koch brothers pulling up. They finally have the court addicted.

  • LZ126

    Thanks to the Supreme Court, we’re all UP!!!

  • LZ126

    We figured, “If banks have drive-thrus to facilitate deposits . . . .”

  • LZ126

    When we offer a “Member’s discount,” we’re not referring to Costco!

  • LZ126

    If “you get what you pay for,” we’re the best Congress money can buy!

  • S. Crim

    They’ll never sell us short again!

  • EJRotert

    It’s a new take on `checks and balances.’

  • EJRotert

    A new take on `checks and balances.’ You give them enough checks and they make sure to balance in your interests.

  • EJRotert

    Just sayin’: If you ever argue a case there, make sure you take enough single dollar bills. Despite what you see, they’re not picky.

  • LZ126

    I heard C-SPAN is changing their designation from the state they represent to the special interest they represent.

  • LZ126

    My vote can’t be bought, although it can be rented.

  • EJRotert

    Just a check on the process.

  • EJRotert

    The only time eight figures trump nine.

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