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February 11, 2016

Alexander Opponent Stumbles Right Out of the Gate


(Courtesy HOH Tipster)

It’s common knowledge that some tea partyers eschew scientific reasoning.

Senate hopeful Joe Carr has kicked things up a notch by turning his back on the “theories” advanced by Noah Webster.

Beste ohv luk wif yur kampayne.

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  • pmorton

    A little more information would be nice.

    • NorthboroughDan

      Yeah, I don’t get it either.

      • Mojojojo

        Read the picture

    • Wuthie

      Click on the highlited “senate hopeful” for more info.

    • David Golden

      See the big orange arrow? Look carefully at the word to which it is pointing. Now, if you think that is the correct spelling of the office, please promise you will never cast a vote for that office. Thank you.

  • Layla

    This guy will get my vote simply because he is NOT Alexander. The GOP no longer represents most mainstream Americans. The minute they exempted themselves from the same Obamacare terms the American people face was the minute they decided their fate.

    • Zach

      And your plan is to go farther right? Good luck winning national elections that way.

    • Jesse4

      They didn’t exempt themselves from anything the American people face. They exempted themselves from a worthless rule that applied only to Congressmen and their aids.

      • Emerson8

        No, it wasn’t a rule, it was a LAW. You know, “the law of the land” and all that? I mean, Obamacare IS “the law of the land”, right? Thankfully, The One is showing us that ANY president can use executive power to do whatever the hell s/he wants, you know, “If congress fails to act, I will” and all that? Thankfully, hopefully, he is setting precedent for the next Republican president to come in and unwind this monstrosity through executive action, you know, in case “congress fails to act”.

        • Bernard HP Gilroy

          I don’t know why I’m even bothering, but… You are simple wrong. Congress did NOT “exempt” itself or its staffers from the law, which allows anyone to keep private insurance they already have. Instead, Congress mandated that legislators and their staffs find insurance on the exchanges, ending their existing private insurance. (That is, they made it MORE binding on Congress than would otherwise have been the case.) Then, because this was a publicity stunt by Chuck Grassley that backfired on him, the clause did not include any mechanism to transition Congress (and the staffers) to the exchange, so that is being handled administratively — which is fully WITHIN the law as written.

          • Gregory Monahan

            Good for you!.I’ve tried and was blasted. I find the people who know the least about ObamaCare, are the most vocal complainers. And ironically the most likely to benefit from it. The incredible falsehoods being spread around,,,sigh..

          • Emerson8

            Every single statist Dem senator, and all but a couple statist Dem reps VOTED FOR the Grassley amendment, you know, to prove to the little people how awesome the exchanges that they will be forced onto will be. EVERY ONE VOTED FOR IT. The whole point WAS to force congress onto the awesome exchanges, NOT to leave them untouched. Again, EVERY DEM voted FOR the Grassley amendment when they voted for the bill. They EASILY could have stripped it out and still passed the bill, but the bill was so hated by the public, they had to show ow AWESOME the gov’t exchanges would be, “How, looky, even WE will use the exchanges!”

            Of course, once they found out the exchanges would suck, they had to ind a way out. Harry Reid could have brought a bill to the Senate floor to debate, publicly, what they just pulled behind the scenes. If this is no big deal, why not debate it publicly? So now, congress people, who make north of $175k/yr, will have 75% of their healthcare subsidized, as will all their staffers, you know, in order to prevent a “brain drain” on Capitol Hill. Because God forbid, once again, should the ruling class of BOTH parties have to suffer the indignities of the little people.

          • Emerson8

            And yes, this “administrative” action does specifically exempt congress from the exchanges.

      • Mojojojo


        Although if they have both, Obamacare will probably help with that too…

  • Layla

    Many surprises ahead in 2014!

  • reaganrides

    Isn’t this simply manifesting itself as a Wash DC hit job on anyone who is not suffering from the Potomac Fever?

    Unless my browser is not connecting correctly, is there a link to a story? Do you have a source for the Webster comment? Is this unquoted or uncited half sentence the basis of your headline? Come on, give us something to work with here?

    Otherwise, out the gate and we see where Rollcall stands.

  • Ryan

    Did NOBODY see that the sign says “Carr for Sentate”, which Roll Call pointed out with their arrow? That’s what the article was talking about.

  • Emerson8

    In the meantime, did you hear about all those corpsEmen, and The One calling his own bluff, and The One usurping his own authority, and 57 states, and the official White House tweeter not knowing the difference between “affect” and “effect”.

  • Freedom First

    Despite the obstacles of increasingly centralized control, the West has become richer through the knowledge and genius unleashed by liberty.

  • O_Face

    The tea party needn’t concern itself with correct spelling.

    • sunspot

      Correct spelling is elitist libtards.

  • The Zen Parrot

    Only things Republican Teabagger morons hate more than Barack Obama is Spelling and Grammar!

  • Bernard HP Gilroy

    It’s interesting how many people reading this post also apparently cannot spell “Senate”.

  • midwestconservative

    Well he can join Bob Barr in running for “Conress”

  • Rick O’Shea

    IS THAT ALL? Lamar votes with Obama 62% of the time, is one of THE most liberal Republicans in the Senate, the best thing he’s done is make it okay to fish below the dam, and all you can see is a misspelled word? GOOD GRIEF!

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