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February 13, 2016

Anthony Weiner Suggests Cutting Adam Kuhn a Break

Sex scandal vet Anthony Weiner seems to believe Adam Kuhn, the disgraced ex-chief of staff who tendered his resignation Tuesday to Rep. Steve Stivers after an affair imploded and private photos found their way online, is getting a raw deal.

“Leave the kid alone,” the former New York Democrat urged HOH, and, presumably, the rest of the world, after we sought out his advice for weathering a potentially career-ending dalliance.

As first reported by POLITICO, Kuhn’s personal and professional lives collided last week after his still-married ex-girlfriend, retired porn star Jennifer Roubenes Allbaugh, sought revenge for his leaving her by broadcasting a snapshot of his penis online.

The picture has since been deleted and her Twitter account (@rubyadultstar) disabled.

But the remnants of the devastating spat live on.




Exactly why the torrid romance spiraled into a political deathblow will likely haunt Kuhn each time he tries to fire off a résumé.

But something tells us Allbaugh will soon find plenty of open arms to comfort her.

(CQ Roll Call Photo Illustration)

(CQ Roll Call Photo Illustration)

She is, after all, a member of Facebook’s 10,000-plus member strong, pro-polyamorous community.

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  • PasoFinoCA

    I am sure that Adam Kuhn is cringing at the “support” from truly weird & kinky sleaze bag Weiner…….and hoping that Elliot Spitzer doesn’t weigh in on the subject.

  • Hitched

    While our limited intellect quickly comprehends usefulness, the complexities of judging merit make it impossible to be judged correctly.

  • Al Amo

    Even though liberty’s principles differ from democratic processes, democratic methods can support liberty where they offer each of us input into the political decisions that affect our lives and liberty.

  • Let Stivers Know

    I think everyone should know that Sen Stivers office as well as the Ohio Republican Party were contacted 2 years ago regarding other improprieties of Mr Kuhn to no avail. Nor were calls regarding a Public Records Request never answered. Instead Mr. Kuhn was promoted and paid by Ohio taxpayers for such improprieties which occurred on the job. All the while Mr. Stivers is fully aware of such acts yet running on a platform of family values. Mr Kuhn is not a victim in this case but many others are as well as the taxpayers of the Great State of Ohio.

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    How about “cutting a break” for the three million unemployed Americans still without benefits? Has the government forgotten about the three million unemployed workers, and their families, STILL WITHOUT an extension of unemployment benefits since last December? While Billions of tax payers dollars are sent to the Ukraine in an aid package, more and more of these unemployed continue to sink into financial ruin. How can our government send our sons & daughters off to war, but not help their unemployed loved ones back at home? The republican senate has failed these millions of voters, and their families. These Americans have lost all trust and hope and respect for the government because of this lack of compassion, and common decency

  • chuckg

    Why TF is this weasel still newsworthy???

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