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February 14, 2016

Band of Boston Beards | Capitol Quip


The Boston Red Sox overcame a traumatic season of discontent to band together, over baseball and beards, to win the World Series. Is there a lesson in that for Washington as it looks to make government work? This all brings us to this week’s Capitol Quip.

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  • Booberry

    It’s about time we had some growth around here.

  • Booberry

    We joined the Boston Low Tea Party.

  • Booberry

    Pelosi: wax on, wax off.

  • Booberry

    Fidel and I both love baseball.

  • Booberry

    I have a touch of grey…grey matter.

  • Booberry

    Obamacare was a close shave.

  • Booberry

    Has anyone seen my glasses and cigar?

  • Booberry

    I’d settle for success four out of six times.

  • Booberry

    I knew you’d all comb over to my side.

  • I’m Ron Burgundy?

    We’re not shaving until works!

  • IBPC

    Nancy You look Great, Did You Do Something with Your Hair.

  • Lars K.

    So it is agreed, our new national pastime is now the game of political gridlock.

  • BrotherMatthias

    Now cross your fingers and let’s hope this gets the Obamacare website up and running.

  • Steve

    Nancy – Our Beards Make Us Sacramento Sustainable

  • Bill Seedyke

    Lest there be any misunderstanding, people: this hat shows the role model for the moment is the Red Sox, not Cuba.

  • Jakk Turner

    We all watched Boston win. We all grew beards overnight. OCTOBER SURPRISE!

  • Jakk Turner

    Let us ponder the significance of this miraculous event. Nancy stopped shaving the same time we did!

  • Jakk Turner

    We take the beards off as soon as the cameras are out of the room, agreed? And Nancy, your enthusiasm for bipartisan, bi-gender support should be an example of integrity to us all.

  • badger1

    I’m not sure if it was the beards or you guys starting to call me Big Papi that
    helped right this ship.

  • Jakk Turner

    I know this might not be the best place to mention it, but the most bearded baseball team in history was “The house of David” baseball team back in the 1920s:

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    These beards are gonna be a heck of a lot longer come next November!

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    If the Red Sox can do it…

  • c p

    see, we can agree on something!

  • celina001

    Nancy, thank you for raising awareness of Prostrate Cancer Awareness Month!

  • S. Crim

    That shutdown sure was a hair-raising experience, wasn’t it, guys?

  • EdKulzer

    I’d like to welcome everyone to the Beard Summit; now, let’s get to work.

  • EdKulzer

    Next up, please turn to page 22 for consideration on the all-important ZZ Top Amendment.

  • KMH

    If you like your facial hair, you will be able to keep it. Period.

  • jlee

    Let’s at least come out of this with a great Christmas card –
    The Last Supper.

  • Tom

    After 86 years the Red Sox triumphed….we have 82 more to go….let’s make it dramatic!

  • Tom

    Has anybody found out if razor burn is covered by the Affordable Care Act?

  • Jay Okon

    Duck Dynasty has come to D.C. The world has ended as we know it!

  • Nick

    Does anybody else have Sweet Caroline stuck in their head?

  • Wotann

    Now that we’ve got the beards–let’s see to it that Obamacare doesn’t strike out!

  • Mike Z

    I’m telling you that worst to first is possible, and I don’t see any other way to get our approval ratings up.

  • T.A. Conscience

    Good to see everyone is on-board to celebrate “Fidel Castro Week.” What!? Red Sox? Reboot.

  • Patricia

    Why, before you decide to shave or not, do I have to go first!?

  • pericles9

    It’s a MOUSTACHE…a “stash” is something else.

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