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February 7, 2016

Bill Frist’s Plane Trip Was in the Toilet

(CQ Roll Call archives)

(CQ Roll Call archives)

Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist did not feel he got the first-class treatment he deserved from United Airlines after a parade of passengers noisily purged their systems in his immediate earshot.



The Tennessee Republican was bummed right off the bat.



Things only got messier after that.



He initially tried to chalk it up to sound capitalism.



But he eventually fell back on doctor habits and dispensed some medial advice:



His final diagnosis: all is not well in the purportedly friendly skies.  Meanwhile, at least one heckler thought the dose of reality might do the physician some good.



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  • Stan Bozarth

    Poor Frist. No whining about the leg room? Must have been a short flight. My heart always bleeds for those who complain about an unacustomed dose of reality about what it’s like to not be rich and famous or connected.

    • David Fortin

      pretty sure it complaining about paying for something (first class ticket) and not receiving it. Sure you’d do the same exact thing.

      • Joe

        David, your rational arguments have no place on these message boards.

  • amberdru

    Did we pay for his flight?

    • David Fortin

      Why would we have?

      • aspromised

        Because they are paid forever, that’s why.

  • tpartynitwit

    It’s all about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    • David Fortin

      No its all about paying for something and not getting it. Pretty simple.

      • tpartynitwit

        He’s the ONLY one something like that has ever happened to, that’s the important point to consider. The poor baby!

  • Barry

    What a shame! Anyone that travels these days puts up with crowded everything – airports, planes, concessions..and so on. The whining from Dr Frist is laughable. Apparently he still misses the taxpayer perks he got while in the Senate.

    • David Fortin

      Actually I think what he misses the most is getting what he paid for.

  • Wise words …

    Those things which become available to most of us only become so because they were first the luxury of a few who could afford to try them.

  • Cool Ranch, Texas

    The herky-jerky processes of technological advance are destroyed when those who preach from collectivism’s altar attempt to direct that everything be made equally available to everyone.

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