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February 14, 2016

Brothel Responds to Reid’s Prostitutes/2016 GOP Convention Remarks

One of Nevada’s legal brothels is rebutting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s argument that the state’s prostitution industry could be a reason Las Vegas loses out on hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Sheri’s Ranch Brothel points to the rates of sex trafficking in Tampa, Fla., as not exactly a disqualifying factor in the city’s hosting of the 2012 Republican convention.

“These serious prostitution-related issues didn’t seem to bother Republicans when they considered Tampa, so why would they have an issue with a state that enforces legal prostitution? After all, Nevada’s licensed brothels only allow safe sex between mature consenting adults in a secure, STD-free environment,” the brothel said in its response. “Sex trafficking and child prostitution are abhorred by representatives of the legal Nevada sex work community.”

Reid said recently that the prostitution business “would be an issue” for the Vegas odds for the GOP convention.

Sheri’s Ranch Brothel suggests that Reid, a Nevada Democrat, should know that the legal prostitution business offers a greater degree of discretion.

“We all know that politicians and public figures enjoy the company of prostitutes as much as any other American citizen, if not more so,” Sheri’s Ranch said. “So why not host political events in locations close to legalized brothels, where public servants can blow off steam in a worry-free environment?”

Sheri’s Ranch is located about an hour outside Las Vegas. Legal prostitution operations in Nevada are generally located in sparsely populated areas. There are no legal brothels in Clark County, for instance.

The full response to Reid is posted on the Sheri’s Ranch Brothel website, but viewer discretion is advised.

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  • John C Tithof

    Dirty Harry Would like to have the weekend alone with the girls.I could just see him now at the Bunny Ranch.

    • Jody Williams

      He grew up watching a legal brothel. He knows very well what goes on there.

    • Virg Prit

      Harry Reid is as sexy as a bag of rocks. The poor prostitute who screws him would really have to hold her nose while doing this one. Consentual adult sex should not be the governments business. Get the hell out of peoples bedrooms, Reid. Reid wanting to close legal brothels is one of many things that just cost him his job .

  • Francostars

    It is better to legalize and tax prostitution all over the USA and out from them.

    • Jody Williams

      What them? The traffickers are right there. Listen to one of the women speak about what really goes on up there at

      • Francostars

        It is better legalization than prohibition which is the water of Mafia fish. It is clear to understand.

  • Jody Williams

    Harry Reid was blasted by the brothels over his comment about how the Republican party not coming here he felt was because of the brothels’ presence here. I just wrote a letter to Mr. Reid in response to that article here –

    Dear Mr. Reid:

    I read your comment about Nevada not getting the Republican party this year because of people’s perception about Nevada because of the brothels. In one respect they’re right. In the other respect you’re right.

    Let me explain. I have tried to communicate with you before – unsuccessfully. My name is Jody Williams. I’m the founder of Sex Workers Anonymous. After receiving so many requests for help from the prostitutes who were being trafficked through the Mustang Ranch when Joe Conforte owned it, and receiving no help at all from the local authorities to help these women, I had to move here physically in order to be close enough to them to go and pick them up. You may not know this – but it’s illegal for these women to leave on foot. They have to be dropped off to live on site for weeks at a time. This means they’ve having to leave their homes and their children in the hands of pimps while they are gone. The brothels don’t even give them their money – and they can’t even call a cab to come get them as none exists in the area.

    When Joe tried to expand the brothels into California back in the 1980’s – I was the only one who would stand up against him and fight him back. I was successful as they didn’t win that vote in California.

    Then he decided to expand here in Nevada when the push for California failed. I remembered how Al Capone went down – and dropped a dime on him to the IRS. We finally managed to get him out – but now we have Lance Malone to deal with.

    He’s a very clever man and figured they could get approved to expand into Las Vegas by trying to claim that a brothel downtown would be in money. He got Oscar Goodman to lead the brigade to bring in investors – and even plans were drawn up to build those “magnificent brothels” into Nevada. While they were looking for investors to come into Nevada to help them get this built – they were talking to a lot of big companies about this idea.

    I was told that as long as they felt there was money behind this idea – it was going to get passed. I asked where they were getting this idea from – and they gave me a name. I asked how he arrived at his figures. When I heard this – I knew they were incomplete. Because for every dollar that prostitution may bring into Nevada – there’s $3.00 that go back out.

    First of all, you have the fact that whether there’s legal prostitution – you’re going to have crime in that same area. We learned that in Amsterdam – and that’s why they shut down the windows district in 2008. We proved it existed here too in 2008 also when Melissa Farley and myself presented our findings about just that subject in the press conference given here.

    It was during that conference that I was able to distribute the information that not only was there the cost of crime – but there is also the cost in the system through the illegal prostitution. For each woman who is incarcerated on prostitution charges – you’re also looking at children who go into the foster care system. Then you have these women who don’t have health insurance or money because the pimps and the drugs take the money away -and they’re putting a strain on our hospitals and Medicaid.

    I still wasn’t getting anywhere because the attitude was “who cares?” The general attitude was that prostitutes need to be here for the gamblers. However, gambling only accounts for about 1/3 of the money that pours into Nevada. Another 1/3 is brought here by people having business meetings.

    I knew from my job in advertising that I had people who wouldn’t even talk to me once they found out I lived in Las Vegas. I had to literally go out and get a post office box in Arizona, as well as a business license out of Arizona because I would have people who wouldn’t even talk to me about buying ads in a magazine out of Arizona, or California – upon hearing I was simply calling from Nevada!

    I went back to those same people and I started asking where they were having their conventions, and other meetings and workshops then. If they wouldn’t even talk to someone in Nevada – where where they meeting?

    I put together a list of all of the Fortune 500 companies who were having their meetings in other states strictly because of reasons connected with our image. I then got numbers from them on how much they were spending on these meetings – money that was going elsewhere. I then made a report and gave a copy of that report to everyone in the Nevada legislature. I also gave a copy to everyone on the southern Nevada’s city and county council’s – as well as the Mayor’s.

    I sent a copy of that report to the White House. Not long after that is when Obama made his public comment about anyone who was “serious about business” not having a meeting in Vegas. Of course Oscar Goodman objected – but that’s because he’s been making a very public campaign of being photographed drinking alcohol while holding a showgirl. His campaign for his steak house is a case in point – beef, booze and broads. That kind of thing is very offensive to many people in business – especially those who work with children.

    I have worked in the field of helping trafficking victims since 1987 Mr. Reid. Many people watch me. I believe that’s why when Daniel Bogden got fired that he was one of the first people that Obama made sure was back as our Attorney General. He did that because Mr. Bogden was not afraid to go after the traffickers in this state – no matter who they were. That was proven by the G Sting arrests.

    We now have an Attorney General who is as corrupt as the day is long. She even tried to chase me out of this state by trying to have me thrown in jail over a criminal charge of “operating a business without a license”. I was never so happy to be broke as when she did this – because to operate a business once must be charging something. I don’t charge for my work – so her hands were tied and she eventually called her dogs off.

    The page on our state’s resource listing for trafficking resources is a joke Mr. Reid to anyone who knows anything about this issue. The fact that I’ve been living here working with these victims since 1996 – and I even gave that press conference in 2008 here but our group’s name wasn’t on her resource page just proves to everyone who knows anything about this issue that the inmates have the keys to the asylum here. Especially when she’s courting people like Congo Justice that’s funneling money back to Nigeria? Give me a break Mr. Reid.

    Ever since we were the only ones who went up after George Flint lied to the legislature in another bid to get the brothels expanded outside of Nye County – we’ve been targeted. Aubrey Hall is the woman who testified about her personal experiences in the brothels. When she went home – she experienced the same thing I did Mr. Reid. Her power, cable, phone, tv, etc. was all cut off for three days. That’s the same thing that happened to me after we gave our press conference.

    It’s a threat – but it also shows to the people who know us that Nevada is “owned” pretty much by the traffickers, and the brothel industry. Especially when our volunteers have all been targeted, threatened, and even chased out of the state also.

    People see all this Mr. Reid. They see that I’ve been here doing this work – yet the Review Journal and the local news even won’t air any pieces on our work. Any reporter who has – has been fired. When reporters like Bob Herbert of the NY Times publishes a story on our work and what we see here in Nevada – he gets threatened by Oscar Goodman, a mayor, with a “baseball bat to his head” if he ever sets foot back in Nevada?

    That’s the kind of image that this state has Mr. Reid. It’s not just that there’s prostitution here. Prostitution is everywhere. But when the people who are trying to help these victims are targeted and threatened by the state and the media – then the only way they can register their displeasure is by the power of their absence and their checkbook.

    I’ve found it so impossible to work here now because of the way we have had our volunteers and members threatened – that I literally have no choice but to pull up stakes. I’m leaving the state as of March 1st. Your state is a joke when you have had TWO sex trafficking task forces – that wont’ even meet me with let alone allow me to be even included in their meetings. I’ve recorded what happens when I’ve tried to get help for these victims from the local authorities, the Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force – and I’ve forwarded those recordings on to people at the White House. They see that money meant to help these victims went into people’s pockets – and I’m shunned from even attending the board’s meetings. They think if they just tell people “oh she’s crazy” that this is going to make it all go away.

    They forget that I had a track record before I got here from California and Pennsylvania from my work there. They also fail to realize that my work is doing quite well in other states. I just got done helping Nebraska implement their first trafficking programs ever – as well as helped their legislature draft up some news laws to help the victims to escape and find help. I’m having the probation department in Michigan now referring their cases to us for help. Just telling people “oh we don’t include Jody because she’s crazy” not only doesn’t work when the people know me – but when they don’t realize they’re even saying it to members of our group that’s really making us look bad Mr. Reid.

    Our membership is “anonymous”. That means we’re right under their noses, in their offices, working with them, and they think we don’t hear what they’re saying about the woman who saved their life? Metro just flew one of our members from Chicago down here to talk at the Trafficking in Nevada conference held a few months ago – but when she asked why she was flown in while I live here – she got the same response “oh Jody’s crazy”. Yeah that’s how I saved her life and got her working in the advocacy field – sure.

    They think like most criminals and addicts think – like no one sees this stuff. Well they do – and that’s why the Republican party, who has Obama behind them who is very dedicated to trafficking issues – registering their complaint about how Nevada is addressing this issue when the person who helped work with getting Daniel Bogden those traffickers is being chased out of the state for the first time since 1996!

    They’ve tied my hands from being able to do anything in this state – and yes I’ve written the White House and the Republican party that I belong to and they know everything that’s been going on here. So no it’s not the prostitution nor the legal brothels that are the problem because that exists in every state Mr. Reid. It’s what this state has been doing about this problem is what is behind their attitude right now.

    Good luck with that. I can’t get any help – I can’t even turn to the police, the FBI or even the attorney general for help any more here. I have the whole system, even the media, shutting me out. Fine. I’ll go back to California where they’ve been begging me to come back to work with this issue. I’m leaving March 1st.


    Jody Williams

    (702) 416-5224

    PS – the fact that they gave up the brothel idea for the mob museum by the way means I was successful at getting them to give up the idea. But Lance Gilman’s website where he boasts about how he can “grease” the wheels to get a new business set up in this state while he has a five million dollar fraud lawsuit against him and owning a brothel while a city councilman doesn’t exactly help our image right now either Mr. Reid.

  • wttexas

    Legal prostitutes in nevada,,and the country argues over legal medical weed,,,
    puff puff pass………

  • Andre Leonard

    Proving once again he is to old to reason. Prostitution is the oldest profession known to man. While Reid can stand on his high moral horse. History has proven him wrong.

  • akglow

    Harry Reid should be for this. This is good for small business, good for jobs. Republicans outspend Democrats at strip clubs. According to the head of the Association of Club Executives, Republicans outspend Democrats at conventions by a three to one margin. During the 2008 Republican convention in St. Paul, sex-for-money services increased between 25 and 40%.

  • Stephen Barlow

    Reid is about 20 years past dead. you can tell from his 1920’s personality, the deep pallor and his ghostlike leadership in the Senate where tradition is much more important than legislating in the people’s best interests.

  • Tater

    Not a dime of GOP money should go to the state/people who sent Harry Reid to Washington to do their bidding.

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