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February 14, 2016

Can You Hear Me Now? | Capitol Quip


Illustrator R.J. Matson’s latest cartoon needs a caption.

So the National Security Agency is using a top-secret program called PRISM to directly access the servers of the biggest Internet giants, including Microsoft and Google. What other surveillance surprises could the Capitol and public be in for?

Leave us your caption in the comments section below. Editors will pick five finalists on Wednesday, and then everyone can vote for the winner until Thursday afternoon. The winner gets a signed print from Matson.

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  • PGEddington

    “Maybe it’s a really BIG bundt cake pan…”

  • Dave Stokka

    Think anyone will notice?

  • jlee

    The Great Eye sees all.

  • jlee

    The Eye grows stronger each day.

  • GNH

    Hey, what’s Liberty worth, anyway… anything to stop terrorists.

  • Honest Abe

    Look! Congress is trying once again to “look for intelligent life… somewhere else”.

  • Honest Abe

    Well…. they WANTED a Death Star, but could only get half through Appropriations.

  • Honest Abe

    57 million channels… and still nothing on.

  • Eli Center

    Darrell Issa is using it for another Benghazi hearing? Oh, well in that case…

  • Sean Kelly

    I guess that’s one way to listen to the American people!

  • Bzrdhd

    They call this a two-party system, but, like it or not, we share one big party line.

  • Matt Furlow

    No more dome tours then?

  • Ray M.

    That leak really blew the lid off the program!

  • PasoFinoCA

    It’s got 230,000,000 channels in HD, games, email, no Life Lock necessary, but I hear it includes a Direct Ticket to the slammer.

  • Bill Seedyke

    “Who says government doesn’t listen to what its citizens have to say?”

  • pericles9

    Mmè. VP to Pres. Dole: I can hear Russia from my house!

  • Derrick Schnur

    Well we now know they’re listening, but if they would only hear what we’re saying to them.

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    Great camo!

  • Art

    So, can we start using it to identify donors?

  • GNH

    Heard they’re working on a Verizon sponsorship.

  • sgtmajornipmuc

    I still can’t get a signal for ESPN.

  • GNH

    I see Dr. Evil has been visiting the White House as well?

  • Daniel F.

    I guess wrapping the Statue of Freedom in aluminum foil was too simple…the rotunda gets much better reception!

  • Daniel F.

    You see, the Left & Right wings had poor reception!

  • Booberry

    The joke’s on us.

  • Booberry

    Richard Nixon, eat your heart out.

  • Booberry

    Is it the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning?

  • Booberry

    They can DISH it out, but they can’t take it.

  • CapitolQuirky

    The NFL has nothing on the NSA…talk about All-Access !!

  • CapitolQuirky

    NSA … No Secrets Anywhere!

  • CapitolQuirky

    So that’s the real technology behind the whispers in Statuary Hall!!

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    We ran out of room for another dish at headquarters, and they had so much unused space here…

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    It may look like it’s pointed up, but this is really just a sneaky way to keep track of Congress.

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    It’s sending SOS signals.

  • GNH

    No Such Agency? They’re clandestine to the core.

  • GNH

    Capitol Hill has gone to the dogs.

  • GNH

    Perhaps it’s time to fly that flag upside down.

  • GNH

    Transparency my …

  • GNH

    Freedom is no longer triumphant in war and peace, they dumped her for a dish.

  • Alex Barriger

    So THAT’s why only members are allowed up there – they have to recalibrate the dish every time it goes down!

  • Jeff G.

    The Administration did promise to listen to the people…

  • Honest Abe

    Wow. Just look at that astoundingly horrific thing at the Capitol. That we passed, and allowed, and have known about for 7 years.

  • Mike Z

    Pay no attention to that. It’s just the NSA’s new Long-range Inadvertent Accidental Recon (LIAR) dish.

  • Nick

    Sure it’s nice, but you can’t spy on anyone when it rains

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