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February 12, 2016

Capitol Dance Party Hopes to Shake Things Up

After Wednesday’s solemn 9/11 commemorations, it falls to the organizers of Listen! Dance! Unite! to show people around the Capitol that unity events can have a little flair as well.

“This past year, we hosted a couple of successful nightclub events that were designed to bring together people from different communities and backgrounds under the power of soul-edifying music that gets you on your feet,” said Jordan Wilson, one of the event organizers. “Following our positive experience with these nights, we decided to take the idea to the nation’s capital, where divisive partisanship and bitterness have become somewhat of a plague.”

That decision led to Thursday night’s dance party, which will take place on the West Terrace of the Capitol from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. DJ “Stylus Chris” will spin the tunes for the fiesta, which is free.

“The purpose of the event is to use the power of music and dance to unite people, if only for one evening, on the footsteps of one of the most divided institutions in the country, the United States Congress,” Wilson said, adding, “and the tag line is ‘people over politics’ because it appears that amidst political arguments and debates, too often we lose sight of our shared humanity.”

Another organizer, Rev. Patrick Mahoney, told HOH that, “with the Capitol so divided, it is critical that we start putting ‘people over politics’ and start building personal relationships.”

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  • AmericaPapist

    Can you believe that only a few weeks ago, one of the event organizers wrote an anti-gay article calling gay people (and those that support their rights) as “disgusting” and “appalling”. Apparently the organizers think that it is acceptable to fan hostility against gay people one week, and plead for tolerance and understanding the next week. Given the hateful anti-gay comments that most of the event organizers are on record as saying, they actually are the very people that are putting “politics over people” and creating the divisive atmosphere that pervades our culture. Attending this event will simply feed this atmosphere of hate.

    • Marco D’Aiutolo

      What article? This should be interesting.

  • ifollowHATE

    I can describe the organizers of this event with one word: intolerant. That they would describe this event as “people over politics” is laughable. Their careers have been built on creating hate, intolerant, and prejudice. They themselves are the ones responsible for the toxic attitude in politics through their willingness to harm anyone and everyone as long as they accomplish their petty political goals. Hate.

  • laytone

    “Fanning the hostility” against blacks and gays while “driving a wedge” between Americans – That’s how one organization described its plan to pit blacks and gays against each other in a bitter war. Oh yeah, it’s one of the organizations that the organizers of #ListenDanceUnite proudly supports. Racists wedge strategies are evidently fine, as long as they accomplish YOUR preferred political goals. “Roll Call” should be ashamed for failing to point out the hypocritical truth about the hate organizations that these people gladly support as long as it accomplishes political points for their side.

  • Marco D’Aiutolo

    I will give the DJ’s working this dance the benefit of the doubt. This isnt the first time the people who support the National Organization for Marriage have concealed their agenda to entertainment vendors. Fortunately, once the mask is off they have all cancelled in disgust.

    • laytone

      DJ Stylus Chris is well aware of the bullying and hate coming from the organizers. He has decided to turn a blind eye and cash their heck anyway evidently.

    • ifollowHATE

      DJ Stylus Chris knows about the anti-gay bullying that the event organizers are engaging in online. I’ve tweeted him with links to their hateful rhetoric and he engaged in a discussion online with him directly. Instead of refuting the bullying, he made excuses for the bullies. He appears to have protected his tweets this morning so people can’t see the fact that he has aligned himself with anti-gay hate this weekend, and will be playing at clubs in DuPont Circle later.

      • Marco D’Aiutolo

        Then I was completely wrong and thats a damn shame.

  • Jaimieprays

    You must be tolerant of my intolerance. That’s the message I see here from this dance.

  • ifollowHATE

    More hate from the organizers of this event comes to light with revelations that Patrick Mahoney once photoshopped Scarlett Johanson into a KKK hood because of her political beliefs regarding women’s rights.

    It seems their hate, hostility and divisiveness truly know no bounds.

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