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February 6, 2016

Capitol Quip: 60 Votes or Bust!



Illustrator R.J. Matson’s latest cartoon needs a caption. With the Senate providing the public a civics lesson on filibuster rules recently, there should be ample fodder for captions.

Leave us your caption in the comments section below. Editors will pick five finalists on Wednesday, and then everyone can vote for the winner until Thursday afternoon. The winner gets a signed print from Matson.

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  • Dale Stout

    Don’t take your guns to town, Bill.

  • Dale Stout

    Sir, you’re under arrested development.

  • Dale Stout

    I’m going to Reid you your rights.

  • Dale Stout

    Good ‘ol boys, whatcha going to do when they put blame on you?

  • Dale Stout

    Czar 54, where are you?

  • Dale Stout

    License and registration…no background check required.

  • Dale Stout

    Harry Reid, Shakiest Gun in the West.

  • Dale Stout

    I’m citing you for failure to yield time, giving mixed signals and running your mouth.

  • Andrew Taylor

    Sir, did you know you were going 55 in a 60 vote zone?

  • Honest Abe

    Yes, sir, I’m afraid that attempting to pass ANY legislation here is a “moving violation”.

  • hammers1964

    Sir, this license only allows you to go up to 55. If you want to reach 60 you’ll have to back up to 2009 and leave the driving to Mr. McConnell.

  • Sandi Saunders

    No sir, a super-majority of the speed limit is not the new normal.

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