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February 12, 2016

Take Flight With the Latest Caption Contest | Capitol Quip


Illustrator R.J. Matson’s latest cartoon needs a caption. With Congress passing legislation with all deliberate speed last week to blunt the effect of the sequester’s FAA layoffs — just in time for them to head to the airports we might add — there are any number of good captions awaiting our readers’ wit.

Leave us your caption in the comments section below. Editors will pick five finalists Wednesday and then everyone can vote for the winner until Thursday afternoon. The winner gets a signed print from Matson.

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  • GNH

    JFK Tower, Charlie Romeo is ready for takeoff? … What do you mean, taxi and hold, permanently?

  • HongryHawg

    Thanks for the warning, Tower. Will try to avoid stated danger. This is the Titanic. Over and out.

  • Wotann

    Recess, need you to hold–looks like you’ve clipped Sequester Airways right wing.

    • Les Legato

      Too bad Obama invented the Sequestration process.

  • TK421

    Our in-flight movie is Deep Impact–not the Morgan Freeman asteroid movie, but the edge-of-your seat thriller about the FAA and the men they dared to furlough…

  • S. Crim

    This is the captain speaking: we’re still waiting for clearance of my paycheck before we can go anywhere.

  • KT

    Sorry children, there are not enough employees to keep an eye on the playground. Recess has been cancelled until further notice.

  • Dale Stout

    We’re racking up the Frequent Liar miles.

  • Dmlwinddancer

    We can finally leave to play without a delay.

  • disqus_PCFXUp4OO0

    Dang it, Harry! We should’ve made this a two-week recess!

  • Michael Reinemer

    Thank you for flying with Hot Air. Please remain comfortably seated in your congressional districts. You may return your rhetoric to its uptight and locked position.

  • Tavernacle

    Welcome to Sea Quest Air. In the event of a water landing, John Boehner’s head can be used as a flotation device.

  • Tavernacle

    Don’t be alarmed by the failure of both wings; you’re used to going nowhere fast.

  • Honest Abe

    Hello? Tower? Anybody there?

  • Tom Convoy

    There’s no interest like self interest

  • Steve Kaufman

    Oh f**k! Obama’s canceling our return flight!

  • Larry Kamenec

    It appears that due to the furlough the tower does not have a quorum. Our takeoff will be experiencing a filibuster delay until controllers are allowed to report for duty.


  • Sbrous

    (This space left intentionally blank as Congress has nothing to say.)

  • Paul

    And they call us the do nothing Congress? We showed them!

  • Nick

    “This is your captain speaking, the country has informed us that we must cut your recess one minute short for every other program you don’t fix.”

  • ESP

    Looks like the place is about to blow. Good thing we’re getting out of here.

  • Dustin Honaker

    Congress: sometimes you have to work to not do work.

  • S. Crim

    “Off we go into the red and blue yonder
    Flying high,
    On the taxpayer’s dime!”

  • Tyrone V

    My vote —> And they call us the do nothing Congress? We showed them!

  • Ike Standifird

    Voters aren’t smart enough to understand why we stopped FAA furloughs. We can tell them it was a job creation action.

  • snipe_sailor

    “This is your captain speaking,
    Sorry for the 5-hour delay. Due to the cancellation of his daughter’s Head Start
    class, the flight attendant had to arrange for a new babysitter.”

  • Les Legato

    “This is your captain speaking,
    Sorry but your flight has been cancelled. Due to the logistics and costs involved in flying the Obama daughter’s to Mexico, there is no money to pay for your flights home.

    Perhaps in your extended time in Washington D.C., you might consider ACTUALLY DOING SOME WORK instead of sitting around on your hands and helping Obama pilfer our Treasury.”

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