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February 9, 2016

Carolyn Maloney Sheds Light on Malony Address

It’s all a simple misunderstanding when it comes to where one can find the campaign headquarters of Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.).

As previously reported by HOH, Maloney’s GOP opponent, Christopher Wight, has had some fun with the address of Maloney’s re-election office, cutting a campaign video that states that Maloney is taking the election for granted to the point that no one’s manning the fort at her 2012 HQ.

According to a Maloney spokesman, Wight can call off the candidate hunt. 

The spokesman affirmed that the apartment at 24 E. 93rd St., Apt. 1B in Manhattan is part of the re-election machine but suggested it is merely a mailing address. One of the more interesting aspects of the address is the label on the buzzer for “Malony.”

“It’s a shame that they went to the wrong place,” the Maloney aide said, conceding that the postal dump “is not a hotbed of activity.” Still unclear is why an apartment, as opposed to a post office box, is needed for that. But we digress.

The right place, per the spokesman, would be Maloney’s outpost on the fourth floor of the Uniformed Firefighters Association building (204 E. 23rd St.). “That is our campaign headquarters,” the Congressional spokesman assures HOH, stressing that Team Maloney stays busy there five days a week with phone banking, poster production and intern-wrangling.

Maloney’s folks are, in fact, so gung ho about showing off their operation, they’ve invited Sabina Mollot, executive editor of the community newspaper Town & Village, to tour the facility and chat up staff tonight at 5 p.m.

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    If I’m not mistaken, the law requires Maloney to either pay for the rental of UFA’s space, or report the gift of that space as an in-kind donation. Word is that there is no record of either arrangement, and that such a violation is punishable by jail. Running a campaign out of her congressional office, paid for by taxpayers, would also be illegal.

    Can someone with expertise please shed some light on this? If it is true, it is very serious. We do not need career politicians who disregard the law, nor those who refuse to open their books and operate transparently. I don’t care how nice or well-connected they are.

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