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February 6, 2016

Catch a Free Rider

HOH’s favorite geeky wonk-rock band is back to explain complicated stuff to America through the magic of song.

The D.C.-based Consensus Bureau is doing the Supreme Court justices and health care reform junkies a giant favor.

“The individual mandate and the problem of free riders in the healthcare system is an issue poorly understood for one simple reason: There are no catchy songs explaining it!” the band said in an email. “Until today….”

Thanks, guys! Some of our favorite lyrics:

I’m a free rider,
No Beltway insider,
Ain’t buying that mandate,
Don’t want broccoli on my plate,
So I’m a free rider

I’m a free rider,
And a guardrail-collider,
But from my ER bill,
I’m gonna pay nil,
‘Cause I’m a free rider

He’s a free rider,
Red, black, and blue free rider,
The rest of us will pay,
For his hospital stay,
‘Cause he’s a free rider

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