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February 13, 2016

Congress Makes a Run For The Border | Capitol Quip


The humanitarian crisis at the Southern border has drawn not just migrants from Central America and Mexico, but members of Congress on fact-finding missions! Now we’ll get to the bottom of things. Which brings us to this week’s Capitol Quip captioning contest.

Send us a caption for this week’s contest by leaving it in the comments section. Editors will pick five finalists on Wednesday, and everyone can vote for the winner through Thursday.

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  • PYRANK Media

    Gee, I wish there were some babies to kiss around here!

  • Ed Beck

    They wasn’t born in Texas, but those puppies move-in faster than “all git out!”

  • Booberry

    Blame Bush for no child left behind.

  • Booberry

    We’re the United States of North and South America.

  • L. Camino

    Slow…..more of a suggestion than an actual rule.

  • L. Camino

    Please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times ladies and gentlemen! Immigrant children in their natural habitat can be needy and may feel like you want to interact with them!

  • L. Camino

    It’s a simple story really. A little diatribe about a man and his wall.

  • PB

    It was a sole source contract. They told us that fence is 100% impenetrable!

  • Lars K.

    Think of these kids as bills proposed in Congress. None shall pass.

  • PB

    Our government procurement policy requires that crossing signs be placed only in areas where the fence is 12 ft. higher or more.

  • P Ellis

    Caption: “Here I come to save the day!”

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    This reminds me of that children’s classic, “Make way for ducklings”.

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    Not in MY back yard!

  • PB

    It’s hard for us to lay our hands on them, kinda like the $$ we request from Washington! We know they’re there, but few seem to know where.

  • LZ126

    We had to update the sign.

  • LZ126

    If Obama had come to the border with me, I could have shown him the models we used!

  • LZ126

    Signs of the times!

  • LZ126

    And soon, they’ll be big enough to vote!

  • LZ126

    Hmm! Maybe I’ll have to rethink that ol’ in-state tuition thing!

  • Ed Beck

    Flipside pictures’em going south!

  • pericles9

    I look forward to the weekly Quip, but shouldn’t humanitarian crises be exempt from sarcasm? I find this week’s Quip in questionable taste.

  • Ed Beck

    Most of’em are cute little doodlebugs, runnin’ away from ol’ cuss’ who r wolverine mean.

  • LZ126

    Yeah, now that I think about it, a pictograph of a pool table and beer mug MIGHT have done a better job of getting the President down here.

  • Mike Z

    While the president couldn’t make it, he did send down these nifty new signs.

  • EJRotert

    We’re also now seeing some refugees from Brazil, looking for a new land of soccer opportunity.

  • Ed Beck

    Yeppers, one sign per border!

  • HrtbeatofAmrica

    How long does it take to sign an EO and cut all the aid going to these countries?

  • PasoFinoCA

    Since we suspended the border rules we better pass HR 0000 Coast to Coast Oversight on Minor Boarders Authorization Stay As Long As You LIke Act

  • El Puma

    Why try for them one by one when we can collectively run down our chances of retaking the presidency?

  • El Puma

    Nice try boys and girls, but this is one wall you can’t just walk around!

  • JohnnyAngel Advocacy Group

    Where are you going to go next kids ? Thanks to Presidente’, we’re going to Disneyland !!

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