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February 13, 2016

CPAC Laff Factory

Some argue that conservatives can’t hold a candle to liberals when it comes to delivering yuk-yuks.

Seems to us EVERYONE is a comedian — or at least they pose as one on Twitter — when CPAC rolls around:

  • @mikememoli: Newt? More like Oldt! #stump #cpac
  • @zachlamb: Are they napping or are they planking #CPAC cc @daveweigel
  • @mollyesque: Note: Callista said Newt “golfs the way he does everything.” Then Newt said he was a “very bad golfer.” #cpac
  • @AndrewKroll Know the scene in “Raising Arizona” where John Goodman claws through & emerges from mud to freedom? Feels like that leaving #CPAC.
  • @BorowitzReport Attention #CPAC attendees: Mark your calendars! Next year’s CPAC will be held inside a woman’s uterus.
  • @anamariecox Santorum wants to build “a great and just society from the bottom up.” He’s making this no-tweeting idea of mine difficult. #CPAC
  • @billhobbs Jobs w/$100K salaries, needing only 2-yr degree:… Downside: U must leave tent & drum circle behind, #Occupy. / #CPAC
  • @mattbeynon: “Severely conservative?” Sounds like an illness that has a vaccine covered under RomneyCare #CPAC #GameOn
  • @zfnd Today, Muslims and Conservatives share a similar struggle: trying to stay awake during a speech. #Juma #CPAC
  • @RepublicanSwine #CPAC CONservative Prostitutes Acting Christian.
  • @josebrwn We should end the estate tax, so Bill Lumbergh’s kids can have their own parking spot too one day. #cpac
  • @BernaysThurston Saying Santorum is bat shit crazy does a disservice to bats. #CPAC

Keep ’em coming, you armchair Kings of Comedy! #wellbehereallnight #dontforgettotipyourwaitress

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