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February 8, 2016

Mayday PAC Boosts Jim Rubens Against Scott Brown

Fake pol Gil Fulbright wants to cause real problems for Senate hopeful Scott P. Brown.

The satirical candidate — previously scheduled to crash a showdown at Kentucky’s Fancy Farm, attended by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes — is the face of the Represent.Us campaign to shake up Congress.

Mayday PAC is bankrolling this latest attack against the former Massachusetts Republican currently vying to return to Washington by taking a run at Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H.

The activist group has endorsed GOP businessman Jim Rubens in this particular contest — one of eight candidates the self-described “super PAC to end all super PACs” is backing this fall.

The pro-Rubens spots are projected to flood the New Hampshire airwaves beginning Friday.


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  • Andy Martin

    Lessig is running a goofy ad for an ineffective candidate

    Andy Martin

    • Earnest T. Bagg
      • Andy Martin

        I don’t have a problem with you posting Obama lies about me but why don’t you just admit Jim Rubens is a Democatic bot in the Republican primary?

        Andy Martin

        • HanzP

          Deny, deflect, deceive. On the plus side, high marks for political efficiency.

          • Andy Martin

            The only “deception” is Jim Rubens running as a Republican and being supported by liberal Democrats. There’s no “denying” that. You ain’t seen nuttin yet. You can’t “deflect” the truth. I like Jim. He’s a nice guy. But he has become a liberal Trojan Horse. Let’s see how this plays out and who ends up being right. I nailed Obama as a fraud ten years ago. So I have a track record as a fraud detector.

          • HanzP

            You can’t “deflect” the truth? Did your gut tell you that, Andy? Is that what you’re bringing to the table, gut thinking? Put your gut away, and I won’t bring up Socrates.

            Let’s suppose we agree Obama’s greatest transgressions are constitutional in nature. What evidence did your fraud detector find ten years ago on constitutional issues that I foolishly missed? Distrusting a black man doesn’t count.

            And please, for a moment, quit speaking in cliche.

            Thanks for the response.

            P.S. Carl Sagans Baloney Detection Kit: Says Andy Martin = Pure balaoney (based on the only evidence I have — your comments here)

          • Andy Martin

            To accuse me of racism is despicable. I did international research before writing my first story on Obama in 2004. But then liberals today have little left to defend Obama except cries of racism.

          • HanzP

            One simple question: What evidence did your fraud detector find ten years ago on constitutional issues that I foolishly missed with lay assessment of Obama?

          • Andy Martin

            The fact that Obama would lie about his family history was a telltale sign of fraud or, if you prefer,deception. I also dug up the “mau mau” issue in 2004. Later he admitted to that fact (grandfather imprisoned for mau may sympathies). People who will lie about small things will also lie about big things. That’s how inteligence analysts begin to create a profile. The fact that Obama’s religious history was shrouded in mystery was also signigficant to me. I think I got it pretty right ten years ago when I said he would not be friendly to Israel. Today that is the perceived wisdom. A prophet is not without honor…

          • HanzP

            Andy, cliche kills. People who will lie about small things will also lie about big things? In a vacuum of undefined principles, yes people are defined by habits toward moral or immoral purpose.

            My principles are well-defined — e.g. manhandling in war has some latitude, but my country torturing people is something I will NEVER accept.

            The Bybee Memo is the face of evil. Laws without any guiding principles , such as — “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” — is nothing less than the nullification of the American Republic.

          • HanzP

            You had opportunity to satisfy those concerns before he was president.

            Do you honestly believe there was no causal relationship with Obama’s failure to stand on principle — in the face of domestic hostility of R’s contesting he was duly elected President? Perhaps, the prophecy was self-fulfilling? Maybe it’s time to swallow that bitter pill? At least, pass on self-congratulation.

          • Andy Martin

            Sorry but I can’t pursue this any more. I am swamped with campaign work. I can’t answer any more questions. Best wishes. If you want to follow my campaign send an email to be aded. Otherwise, enough.

          • HanzP

            I really appreciate the engagement, Andy. I am busy too, I look forward to reading more tales from the darkside ;)
            If things get really interesting, you may get an email to your aol account.


          • Andy Martin

            I also had the insight of knowing Obama from the Illinois legislature and Chicago, which is why I was able to connect the dots with Rezco, etc. way in advance of the national media.

          • HanzP

            Honesty, I never accused you of racism — the rest of legal / political universe has though.

            I grant you, most of those racist remarks on wikipedia and elsewhere reference a NYT story and not source documents — and that is bullshit.

            The right definitely uses you to carry a message (extreme) they are too cowardly acknowledge and discarding you when the heat comes in. Bizarre, crazy bedfellows of convenience — where are your source documents archived? I must say this whole mess is completely destructive to any leftover notions of the Republic founded on principles from D.O.I. — but in is interesting.

          • HanzP

            Where is the mystery press release from 2004?

          • Andy Martin

            Here is one place it can still be located:


          • HanzP

            Thank you. I excuse you a bit because I honestly think you’re a bit crazy. Not, a slant but rather what makes you truly interesting. You have to understand where that message landed and the disgusting vermin it validated. If you didn’t write some else would have.

            It is the very reason I stay away from ideology in any form. I support one movement — and that is due to founder who I have following since 1999. Yes, Mayday. But if our advertising or candidates selection comes in conflict with my principles — I will choose my principles.

          • HanzP

            I must ask, were you losing it a bit in the 80’s? Or were you railing against Federal Judiciary expansion of authority, or what hell drove your relentless attack on Federal Judges?

            I must say this was a fascinating read:
            573 F. SUPP. 1237 (D. CONN. 1983)

          • Andy Martin

            I have not “lost” anything at any time. Fighting and exposing corruption in the courts creates enemies, not friends. “Cocaine Cabranes” was a cocaine-addled federal judge who became obsessed with me (and my attorneys). His opinion is largely a fantasy. Obama tried to use Cabranes to discredit me in 2008, but the tactic boomeranged. Judges often publish lies and distortions dressed up as judicial opinions. Cabranes was ultimately derailed for the US Supreme Court because of what he did to me. Would make a great movie. Enough already. I am living in 2014, not 1984. Stay on 2014.

          • HanzP

            You can’t “deflect” the truth?

            You call JIm a liar. Deflect and avoid responsibility for your statement with “I like JIm”, “Jim is a nice guy.”

            Here is how it works:

            “Deception” is Jim Rubens running as a Republican. (Deception: to intentionally cause another person to have a false belief). I like Jim. (Like: find agreeable, enjoyable, or satisfactory.) He’s a nice guy. (Nice: Pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory.).

            Does that make sense to you?

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