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February 10, 2016

Here Comes the Law | Capitol Quip


Major aspects of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law go live on Oct. 1, and Republicans are none too happy about it.  Some want to defund the law, others want to delay it, some want to hold up next year’s federal spending bills over it, some see the debt limit as a bargaining chip against it. Which brings us to this week’s Capitol Quip contest.

Send us a caption for this week’s contest by leaving it in the comments section of our Heard on the Hill blog. Editors will pick five finalists on Wednesday, and everyone can vote for the winner through Thursday.

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  • mscondon

    Here Comes Huck Finn again, trying to convince us this is fun.

  • Frank Wickizer

    Might as well, we’re running out of paint anyway.

  • Alex

    Okay, if he crosses THIS red line, then we’ll have no choice but to forgo diplomacy.

  • stafford123

    He’s crossed the line for the last time! This time we’ll really hold our breath until we turn blue!

  • PasoFinoCA

    Obama: Don’t worry it doesn’t apply to you.
    GOP Painters: He must be color blind – doesn’t recognize red lines, red ink or the country seeing red on “Affordable” Healthcare Act

  • Lars K.

    This isn’t working. I need a cliff face and some black paint. According to Wile E. Coyote If I paint a tunnel opening a train should come through and run him down.

  • Hal Turner

    I wish he wasn’t quite so good about crossing red lines.

  • A. Writer

    He’s using Obamacare against his own people!

  • BL

    This guy is remarkably comfortable with being in the red.

  • A. Writer

    I hope Obamacare covers housemaid’s knee!

  • Scott E. Conlan PhD

    Isn’t that an American flag he’s stomping on?

  • Bill Seedyke

    Wait till he notices we’re not having the Exchanges, er, Stars for the

  • khersch

    You gotta be kdding me. Nothing stops this guy.

  • BL

    Seriously?! What does he think this is, the Senate Doctors show advocating Candy Striping?

  • BL

    Seriously?! What does he think this is, the Senate Doctors Show advocating candy striping?

  • jlee

    Doesn’t he know what red lines are for?

  • EdKulzer

    We’re gonna need some more paint.

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