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February 12, 2016

Holiday Partying, the Washington Way | Capitol Quip


‘Tis the season for celebrating holiday cheer, as long as you don’t sit down with a plate and silverware! With the holiday party season in full swing, members of Congress and staffers get to socialize — as long as they don’t break any ethics guidelines, that is. This all brings us to this week’s Capitol Quip.

Send us a caption for this week’s contest by leaving it in the comments section. Editors will pick five finalists on Dec. 11, and everyone can vote for the winner through Dec. 12.

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  • Booberry

    We call this ‘Rush Limberger’…it’s kind of stinky.

  • Booberry

    I see you took the bait.

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    These are just leftovers from the All-Congress Christmas social last week.

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    Nice of the Cannon cafeteria to donate the crackers!

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    You bet this is ethical. NOBODY’S going to support ’em if this is all they’re feeding us!

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    And the jug of orange juice provides the perfect accompaniment.

  • George Allegro

    Where we allow ourselves to be subjected to the whims and ignorance of centralized planners, each of us becomes restricted to only the activities that offer results predictable enough to satisfy those controlling our choices.

  • EdKulzer

    They couldn’t pass the STOCK Act to curtail insider trading, but they can prevent us from steak & lobster unless it’s lanced on a toothpick? Washington… cruel bastards….

  • Bzrdhd

    I’ve had too much of this cheese. Like it or not, tomorrow I’ll have to go to the National Laxative Association’s holiday party.

  • Kevin Atuk

    “I got that Charlie Brown Christmas Tree for pennies and charged the U.S. taxpayers $863,000 so we can get our bonus.”

  • L. Camino

    I don’t care how good this cheese cube tastes! I’ll not be cajoled into pushing to pass a farm bill!

  • EdKulzer

    We staffers get the cheese, and the Congress takes all the whine.

  • Bill Seedyke

    “To move this Body, I’d say you need to feed us mice more cheese next year.”

  • Booberry

    Hmmm…I think I smell a rat.

  • Booberry

    This might be some kind of entrapment.

  • Booberry

    We call this ‘Rush Limburger’…it’s kind of stinky.

  • Booberry

    I have some Cheez Whiz back at my place.

  • c p

    I can deal with ethical food, just so they don’t mess with the money!

  • A. Writer

    Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?

  • A. Writer

    I think we’ve been ethically cleansed.

  • Poca11

    I thought there would be some whine with the cheese.

  • S. Crim

    This definitely didn’t come from a cash cow, like last year…

  • A. Writer

    I feel so cheap…

  • A. Writer

    Book her, Danno!

  • jterry

    You really have to give credit to the toothpick lobby for a job well done.

  • A. Writer

    Let’s save some for the next time we’re on furlough.

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