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February 7, 2016

Is This Congressman Sleeping?

The August recess gives members time to meet with constituents, spend time with their families and … sleep?

According to the Florida Democratic Party, that is exactly what Rep. Steve Southerland II, R-Fla., did Tuesday at a field hearing in his home district. The party posted this photo of the second-term congressman on Twitter:

(Courtesy Twitter)

(Courtesy Twitter)

Southerland’s office rebuked the tweet.

“This might be the most ridiculous false attack against Rep. Southerland yet,” the 2nd District lawmaker’s office said in an email to Roll Call. “At no point whatsoever did he fall asleep or nod off during this historic moment for Apalachicola Bay. It’s a shame that the Florida Democrat Party is more worried about playing childish games than in joining Rep. Southerland in the bipartisan fight to save North Florida’s oystermen and coastal communities.”

Pinki Jackel, a Republican District Commissioner in Franklin County, where the hearing was held, said that Southerland was attentive throughout the event, which more than 250 people attended.

“It is a fairly ridiculous claim,” Jackel said, noting that some panelists glanced down at their phones during the hearing. “There was a constant buzz [in the room] … and I don’t see how anyone could have taken a nap in that environment.”

The hearing in Apalachicola, Fla., focused on decreased water flows to the region, and The Orlando Sentinel has reported that Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, will sue Georgia over the issue. Florida Democratic Party Press Secretary Max Steele said he did not think the photo inflamed or politicized the issue, but said the party did not have any additional photos or videos of Southerland from the hearing.

“I think the photo speaks for itself and the level of attention the Congressman is paying to the issue,” Steele said.

It is not the first time the Florida Democratic Party has poked at local Republicans. Florida Democrats recently linked Scott to the state’s recent ranking as the most corrupt state, and previously the organization called Southerland’s conduct on a trip to Israel embarrassing to all Floridians.

Florida’s 2nd District is rated Lean Republican by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

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  • scrivenerNP

    Like VP Biden, it’s likely the congressman was being FORCE-SLEEPED by agents of political enemies who have access to a covert celltower radio frequency weapon system deployed everywhere. This “torture tower” electromagnetic weapon grid being used by elements of the U.S. security cult to silently torture, impair, force-sleep, subjugate and harm extrajudicially targeted “dissidents,” “undesirables” or political enemies. This veteran journalist is a nine-year survivor of this U.S. Cyber Command- administered slow-kill genocide, under operational control of Lockheed Martin cyberwarriors. This government harbors war criminals:

    • poopookachoo


  • dnicolo1

    Looks like he may be reading something or possible tweeting or texting.

  • Andre Leonard

    With a $17 trillion deficit and 11 million illegal aliens wandering around. It really doe snot matter if they are awake or sleeping.

  • Liberty: Minimized Coercion

    Those who understand the interdependence of morality, liberty, and prosperity also recognize that a government of principles and wisdom is impossible when democratic processes are subjected to a subservient people.

  • scrivenerNP

    This journalist’s comment apparently was “disappeared” by a third-party internet censorship regime. I believe this congressman and other political leaders are being unknowingly attacked by a radio frequency weapon system deployed on celltowers everywhere, being used to silently torture, impair, subjugate, mind-mold and slow-kill American citizens deemed to be “dissidents” or “undesirables” — or, apparently, political “enemies”:

  • Anna williams

    What is new, these guys have been sleep the last 5 years. They do nothing and offer no solution, they just do NOTHING.

  • Liberty: Minimized Coercion

    One of the most dangerous misconceptions of democracy is the notion that future powers should be determined by today’s fleeting majority.

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