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February 11, 2016

McCain Says Costas ‘Didn’t Know What the Hell He Was Talking About’ With Putin

Sen. John McCain is no fan of a report about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s role in bringing the Winter Olympics to Sochi, Russia, that aired on NBC Thursday.

“Bob Costas ought to stick to sports because he obviously didn’t know what the hell he was talking about,” the Arizona Republican told Fox News of the host of NBC’s Olympics coverage.

“This is being recorded, senator,” quipped Fox News host Neil Cavuto.

McCain criticized Costas despite a much-publicized eye infection “just about as red as the old Soviet flag,” that’s led the NBC anchor to wear glasses.

“He didn’t know what he was talking about. I mean, this guy is an autocrat,” McCain said in reference to Putin. “He ethnically cleansed — not ethnically, but cleansed Chechnya, radicalized that place.”

“While we’re talking about removal of chemical weapons [from Syria], Mr. Costas forgot to mention the planeloads of Russian military equipment are landing in Damascus that are killing Syrian men, women and children,” McCain said.

McCain told reporters earlier this week that he was not traveling to Sochi, but that he thought he was about the last person Putin would want to see.

“The guy is causing all kinds of problems to every country on the periphery of Russia,” McCain said on Fox News, noting Putin’s history with the KGB. “He is what he is.”

Perhaps Costas will need to take another swig from the bottle of Jack Daniels that he had during a cameo on Jay Leno’s final episode of “The Tonight Show.”

McCain, an avid sports fan, said that he was a regular viewer of Costas’ programming.

“I’ve admired Bob Costas’ knowledge of sports and his in-depth analyses from time-to-time. I watch his program quite often, but on this one Bob, stick to the hockey games, will ya,” he said.

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  • PatrickG

    Really, McCain is criticizing someone for taking to heavy a hand to Muslim extremists.

    • Unknown1776

      what was the history of Chechnya again? A forced migration of people during the Stalin era, only to be allowed to return after 1956. This after Russia captured the territory in 1921 and forced it into Soviet rule.

      From Wiki:

      Under Soviet rule, Chechnya was combined with Ingushetia to form the autonomous republic of Chechen-Ingushetia in the late 1930s. Some Chechens rose up against Soviet rule during the 1940s, resulting in the deportation of the entire ethnic Chechen and Ingush populations to the Kazakh SSR (later Kazakhstan) and Siberia in 1944 near the end of World War II where over 60% of Chechen and Ingush populations perished.[32] The deportation was supposedly justified by the materials prepared by notorious NKVD officer Bogdan Kobulov accusing Chechens in a mass conspiracy preparing rebellion and providing assistance to the German forces. Many of the materials were later proved to be fabricated.[33] Even distinguished Red Army officers who fought bravely against Germans (e.g. the commander of 255th Separate Chechen-Ingush regiment Movlid Visaitov, the first to contact American forces at Elbe river) were deported.[34]There is a theory that the real reason why Chechens and Ingush were deported is the desire of Russia to attack Turkey, a non-communist country, as Chechens and Ingush could impede such plans.[25] In 2004, European Parliament recognized deportation of Chechens and Ingush as an act of genocide.

  • AZ WI

    When does John McCain know what the hell he’s talking about? McCain is a pathological liar, he knows absolutely nothing on foreign affairs or the militarily! McCain is a bitter old sore loser.

    • wrigney

      How dare you disrespect a POW war vet you un American person!! JOHN ROCKS!

      GO HILLARY!! 2016.

    • Unknown1776

      lol he’s been on the Armed Services Committee, a committee charged with legislative oversight of the military, including the DoD, military research and development, nuclear energy (relating to national security), benefits for members of the military, the Selective Service System and any other matter related to defense policy, since 1987.

      He’s also a member of the Commerce Committee, also since 1987. Their duties are as follows:

      – Coast Guard
      – Coastal zone management
      – Communications
      – “Green” Technologies and Practices
      – Highway safety
      – Inland waterways, except construction
      – Interstate commerce
      – Marine and ocean navigation, safety, and transportation
      – Marine fisheries
      – Merchant marine and navigation
      – Nonmilitary aeronautical and space sciences
      – Oceans, weather, and atmospheric activities
      – Panama Canal and other interoceanic canals
      – Regulation of consumer products and services, including testing related to toxic substances, other than pesticides, and except for credit, financial services, and housing
      – Regulation of interstate common carriers, including railroads, buses, trucks, vessels, pipelines, and civil aviation
      – Science, engineering, and technology research and development and policy
      – Sports
      – Standards and measurement
      – Transportation
      – Transportation and commerce aspects of Continental Shelf lands

      Who the hell are you to say he knows nothing regarding military or
      foreign affairs? It’s an insult to stupidity even to make such a boldly
      ignorant claim!

  • factsobill

    Costas’ bottle of Jack sure looked odd, ’cause Jack doesn’t have foam after a swig! I’m thinking he’s such a liar and a wimp for making people think he drinks anything but Kool-Aid Tea!

    • wrigney

      Removes the “Fast & Furious” Lager from your hand………….

      Pours it out.

      <<<< Hands you a "Benghazi on The Rocks" w/lime twist….."the crisp taste will mellow you out."

  • factsobill

    We’re all aware that McCain’s just out there! Waiting for an invitation from O’s table John?

  • BrianX

    so, the weapons that the US sends to Syria don’t kill people ?
    whew, that’s a relief.

    • Unknown1776

      though their attempt to topple the regime of the Assad family is in a sad state of affairs, their attempt to let their voice be heard began in a similar fashion as our revolution, albeit quicker. They assembled as a people to peacefully protest the tyrannical rule of Assad, as we protested the iron rule of a King and his Parliament from 4,000 miles away, though theirs is within their homes, in their very country. Instead of being met with a free atmosphere to voice the slightest discontent, they were fired upon and trampled. Brutalized and terrorized. And so the citizenry decided to fight back. That was the beginning of their war – a people terrorized by a ruler who disregarded the notion of popular rule, upon which the foundations of all civilization rest in the end, as well as basic dignity of a people’s right to self-determination and free expression.

      The unfortunate circumstances they, and by extension all people who would have liberty, find themselves in today are a result of poorly designed policies aimed at stalling the halt of a regime that was being tacitly and openly supported against the wishes of nonbinding agreements from the UN. Due to the lack of direct involvement, as the French AND Dutch did for us, which assisted both in arms, training, money and direct confrontation with British forces both on the continent of Europe itself, as well as on the seas, the Syrian rebels were forced to at first accept aid from whomever was helping to keep them and their people alive. All the while the Assad government was avidly seeking, and receiving, aid and training from Russia and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

      So, Saudi Arabia had to step in, as it saw a chance to both diminish the rise of Iranian influence, as well as to protect their national interests, as they find Persian power to be threatening their Arab dominion of the lands; their dominance. So, since the U.S. and other Western powers were noncommittal in the beginning to a no fly zone at least, to stop the indiscriminate bombing of civilian populaces, in which the rebels where mixed for the sole reason that they WERE (at the time) the populace. Not to mention the Shia group Hezbollah taking a VERY active role in the fight against the rebel groups, which threatened the very State they hoped to “protect” against Israel in the South, since Lebanon is a hotbed of sectarian conflict due to the large mix of Sunni and Shia, as well as Christians. So, now they’re threatening the stability of that country as well. And since borders were beginning to become unstable in their security, Al Qaeda saw a chance at a power play, an attempt to consolidate power, funding and weaponry from the ongoing Syria conflict.

      And how were the underfunded, poorly equipped, untrained, and left to defend themselves in a state of perpetual war and exhaustion to refuse such help, when such people were living and dying next to them? As the old adage goes: “The Enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Should we really have expected any less when this has been ongoing for 3 years with over 160,000 dead with little to no support from “Democracies,” all the while their despotic enemy has many friends who actively, and tacitly, support his continued rule?

      No, the state of the conflict there IS a direct result of nonintervention on behalf of the people of Syria. Yes, people DO need to decide for themselves the direction of their country. HOWEVER, every one needs a helping hand at times, and with the military capabilities of the Assad family, it is hard to imagine a civilian populace nowhere near as equipped as the average American from defending against even the most lightly equipped battle-hardened army, not to mention the combined power of the Assad military, which is mainly comprised of his sect, which lends itself to reason as to why so few have defected, though there have been defections.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    It is impossible to judge another person’s merit correctly unless we fully understand, among other things, their knowledge, talents, intellect, and ability to persist on tough tasks.

  • Chuck Dracka

    Why is Mc Cain being quoted…. or handed mic for that matter.
    His career is over, and he needs to do what old soldiers do… just fade away.

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