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February 7, 2016

Mitch McConnell’s Grave Warning

It appears that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., firmly believes fiddling with the filibuster rules would be the final nail in the coffin of Nevada Democrat Harry Reid’s career.

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  • sonnyboy1

    Does McConnell really believe the people of Nevada will care? Reid has gotten away with doing so much harm and yet they keep voting him in.

    • halcrawford

      If Reid’s policies cause the Democrats to lose the Senate, the people of Nevada can just pound sand. If he chooses to end the filibuster the Republicans will not be in a hurry to put it back once they take control.

    • boyd2

      The “people of Nevada” did not put Reid in office. The people of Las Vegas did. Vegas grew so much during the first decade of this century that Nevada *is* Vegas. And Vegas is California. That’s where most of it’s residents came from. Many in the North would love to follow Colorado’s lead and secede but Vegas would stop that since a huge part of the tax base of Nevada comes from the North’s mining operations. Is this all sounding familiar?

  • Jonovich

    The media will hail this as a triumph of Democracy until the Republicans retake the Senate. Then the media will announce it a travesty, and demand that the Senate switch back to protect the minority party.

    • PhonecardMike

      Nail, meet hammer! I remember when the Republicans discussed doing this to the Dims and the media had a fit. The media has become the dimocrats mouthpiece.

      • sumlikeit

        True enough. But hypocrisy seems to be a two-way street here, no?
        I certainly agree that the media made a circus out of it the last time the Senate did this dance. This time, they almost seem to be egging Reid on. Shocker, right?
        Still, McConnell doesn’t exactly have much credibility on the matter. ‘Twasn’t long ago that he was on the other side of the table (though it should be pointed out that he didn’t follow through with it).

        • PhonecardMike

          I agree with the hypocrisy, but it is the media that is the disgraced party. When the rolls were reversed the media kept badgering the Republicans to respect the Dims and their positions. When the Dims took over the media has badgered the Republicans to work with the Dims because the “people spoke” and they are nothing but a bunch of obstructionists.

          The objective media, needs to return to its neutral role.

          • superduckz

            What is this “objective” media of which you speak? I’ve never heard of it… or even seen pictures of it in old newspapers.

          • PhonecardMike

            They have definitely skewed more into the Dimocratic party, with the exception of Fox News which does lean right. However, it does not lean near to the right as MSDNC leans to the left.

    • palintologist

      And Juan McCain will fight for it to be reversed for the dems.

    • Orson OLSON


  • boyd2

    “the final nail in the coffin of Nevada Democrat Harry Reid’s career”

    Didn’t Reid say he was not going to run again anyway. These guys spend their time in office setting themselves up for life. They do not care about repercussions on the path to the Progressive State.

  • sumlikeit

    The last time McConnell issued a warning like this — re: Obamacare — he turned out to be correct.
    I’m not sure I’d say that Reid going nuclear would “kill the Senate.” But it sure is an interesting development considering the last time a Senate Majority leader threatened to do this. That Senate Majority leader’s name was Mitch McConnell.
    So, what I would predict is that Reid will eventually rue the day. Karma’s a biznatch.

    • Rick Caird

      Wrong. McConnell has never been Senate majority leader.

  • rbeccah

    The death of Harry Reid’s career can’t come a nanosecond too soon.

  • ib1netmon

    “True enough. But hypocrisy seems to be a two-way street here, no?”

    That is correct, the answer is “No”.

    Democrats started using the filibuster to block judicial and other presidential appointments, Bork being the first high-profile example.

    So, the street has 2 lanes, but it was Democrats who paved it.

    No sympathy when & if Republicans regain control of the senate.

  • bittman

    If the Republicans win the majority in the 2014 elections, Reid and the Democrats will undoubtedly regret this decision.

    • paulejb

      Nope. Senate Republicans don’t have the stones to retaliate as they should.

  • paulejb

    McConnell must be smoking funny weed. Harry Reid would become the darling of the left wing, mainstream media if he used the nuclear option. He would be a hero to every liberal scribbler and taking head.

  • PasoFinoCA

    Hmmmm – the people of Nevada were a big help in the destruction of the Senate, which under Reid’s leadership has been in the death spiral for any institution: unrelenting progressive caused friction, nastiness, unbecoming Democratic Senatorial behavior, bold abrasive language and thoughtlessness (idiocy).

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