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February 7, 2016

Overheard: FreedomWorks Bemoans Shutdown Bargain

“The line separating the Democrats and the Republican establishment is fading — it might have disappeared today. This is about Washington insiders versus the rest of America now.”

— incensed about the looming budget deal, FreedomWorks stokes the tea party faithful by redrawing the battle lines

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  • NorthboroughDan

    Time for the Teavangelists to break away and form their own party.

  • DrowningInTheSeaOfRed

    70% of Americans disapproved of the tactic of using a government shutdown to defund ObamaCare. Is it FreedomWorks position that 70% of Americans are ‘Washington insiders’?

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    On October 1st, the House appointed eight negotiators for a formal House-Senate conference. Like spoiled children, Harry Reid and Senate democrats stubbornly refuse to negotiate.

    • Your neighbors spoiled childre

      Empty Gesture. If it were six months ago, then you could accuse the Dems of being spoiled. Waiting until the government is shutdown before agreeing to play is like waiting for Mommy to come pick you up from your play date, then complaining you didn’t get to play with little Johhny when you ignored him the whole time, and played the whole time with your old friend Timmy instead.

  • Your neighbors spoiled childre

    Redrawing the battle lines. With what, Crayola crayons? Conservatives have zero credibility when the throw tantrums and act like spoiled children. But they clearly didn’t learn about playing well with others and sharing when they were growing up, so I’m not surprised at their tantrum tactic.

    A better strategy for them would be to let the ACA enrollment process start up, then fail. Then they would’ve had something to actually complain about, that might stick. The GOP elephant is not very agile.

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