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February 6, 2016

Overheard: Louie Gohmert on ‘These Young Women’

“The left tried to say I was attacking single moms, and if you listen to what I said, the whole point was it bugged the fire outta me that these young women, and the stories were usually very, very similar, they got bored with high school, and somebody’d say, ‘Hey, drop out, the government will send you a check for every child you can have out of wedlock.’ They have one child, and they find out, that’s really not enough to live on, have another and another.”

— Rep. Louie Gohmert on Fox News Thursday

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  • ggm281

    I’m confused as to the purpose of this. Are we pretending that doesn’t happen? Or are we pretending these women are the main reason that the SNAP budget has grown 235% in just 10 years? Or is it just that you are outraged that anyone speak of that which should not be mentioned?
    I’m starting to understand when people mention the “beltway bubble”. Some of you obviously don’t spend too much time in the real world or have any life experience with people in a different socioeconomic group.

  • Ohplease

    Who is it that is counseling these women to drop out of school and have a litter of kids? Oh, it is the ubiquitous “somebody” or “they” or “the government.”

  • daisy12

    Louis Gomert is not quite bright..and
    an antique in the wrong century

  • Tom Servo

    In my city, I can show you a whole section of town where the families there are all single mom, and their only income is their state child support checks. Maybe the beltway rats can pretend these people don’t exist – come round here, I”ll show you plenty.

    And convenience stores always know when the checks are cut, because lottery tickets and beer sales go through the roof.

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