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February 7, 2016

Overheard: Rand Paul’s Hell-Freezing-Over Timeline

“I don’t think there’s going to be unanimous consent on anything until hell freezes over.”

— Sen. Rand Paul

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  • sonnyboy1

    When most of congress and senate member are in bed with the globalists, I agree with Rand Paul. The majority of both houses don’t care a whit about this country or the people. All they care about is getting re-elected to collect their ungodly pensions and doing what their master tell them to do.

  • EdKulzer

    And towards that end, Senator Paul just filibustered the “We Love Apple Pie” bill.

    • Camille Cazedessus

      loonacy…or is it loonicy…? = Liberal babble from a loonatic.

      • EdKulzer

        Leaping lizards there, Camille. Newsbusters, Breitbart… where the heck on the fringe Right are you astroturfing from?

        The word is “lunacy”, unless you’re somehow stretching for a bird.

        • Camille Cazedessus

          Rand is a good guy…..better than many and i’bet he loves apple pie, period!

          • EdKulzer

            I’m sure he’s a fine man, a dutiful husband, and admirable dad. As to his epicurean tastes, I’d’ve spotted him more for a Key Lime or rhubarb, but what have you; it’s all circumspect speculation on that part.

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