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October 2, 2014

October 17, 2012

Fake Politican Seeks ID, Gets Mug Shot Instead

And now comes a bizarro story made even more strange by the fact that none of it really makes any sense if one (read: any reasonable person) knows how things work on Capitol Hill.

According to a Capitol Police report, officers on Oct. 11 responded to complaints that an “unwanted guest” had taken up residence in the Senate ID office “reading a newspaper.”

The “unwanted guest,” the report continues, claimed to be “a U.S. Senator who wanted a replacement Congressional ID.” He or she was removed, arrested and “transported to Headquarters for processing.”

First off, Congress is in the middle of a monthlong recess, and lawmakers don’t come back in town willy-nilly just to pick up a new ID badge. (Strike one.)

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Holmes Norton Deletes Questionable, Misspelled Tweets

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has deleted some tweets sent during last night’s presidential debate that included suggestive references, as well as misspellings of President Barack Obama’s name.

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Peanut Gallery Cracks Up During NPC Debate Party

It’s a good thing Candy Crowley wasn’t presiding over the First Amendment Lounge in the National Press Club on Tuesday night because she never would have been able to cut through all the dismissive laughing, partisan groaning and spontaneous applause that routinely swept through the crowd.

The onlookers who gathered to watch last night’s presidential debate appeared to come from all walks of life. There were techies from Northrop Grumman, communication students from local universities, working reporters from across the broadcast spectrum and political junkies who enjoy mixing things up in public.

Once the debate officially started, the room fell silent. At least until President Barack Obama laid into GOP hopeful Mitt Romney’s “one-point plan” during Crowley’s first foray into follow-up country. Full story

October 16, 2012

Senate Staffers Play With Fire

Congressional staffers may be used to putting out metaphorical fires. On Wednesday, they’ll get the chance to face off against the real thing.

Senate Staffers Play With Fire

(Courtesy Nu Wexler)

The Office of Emergency Preparedness and Continuity of Operations is hosting its semi-annual fire extinguisher training for Senate staffers at the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute Wednesday. The half-day seminar will be split between exploring the universe of commercially available extinguishers (dry powder, wet foam, compressed water) and physically combating an active threat.

“If you didn’t know any better before, you will learn to never spray water on an electrical fire,” an OEPCO aide assured HOH.

The class had been capped at 25 participants, but a last-minute cancellation means there’s room for one more “Backdraft”-obsessed staffer/closet pyromaniac to play with fire.

Under the Radar Wades Into Senate Rules

Putting pen to paper is not something most musicians take lightly, particularly when the thoughts spilling forward skew toward the political.

Under the Radar magazine got a slew of indie rockers to do just that — and their collective rallying cries are up for grabs.

The most Congress-specific topic in the current edition comes from Death Cab for Cutie guitarist and UTR columnist Chris Walla, who shares his uber-wonky thoughts about what’s really at stake this November.

“I am absolutely convinced that the super shiny golden prize of American politics has nothing to do with the presidency or the candidates, but it’s the least sexy of all political topics: it’s Senate rules reform,” Walla suggests. According to UTR publisher Mark Redfern, that position dovetails with the group’s 2004 signage, which read, “Dissolve the Senate.” Full story

Political Gamesmanship

If you like political trivia and the trappings of high-stakes casino action, then you are in for a treat.

San Francisco-based Alfred Tom has created and released a game that combines them both: “High Stakes Politics.”

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Jewish Kids Spot Jesus at Capitol

The international media didn’t show up to the Jesus Lady’s press conference this morning on the East Front of Capitol as she announced who was behind the effort to remove her and Jesus from the Capitol, but a group of Jewish students, many wearing traditional Jewish yarmulkes, did.

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Paul Ryan: Rock God

Rep. Paul Ryan’s hard-rocking musical tastes are now common knowledge. But who knew the GOP vice presidential hopeful had a thing for electric guitars?

Granted, we’ve never actually seen or heard the Wisconsin Republican so much as strum a single note.

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Take Five With Rep. Jim McDermott

Take Five With Rep. Jim McDermott

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

It’s Tuesday, when HOH gets to know a Member of Congress better through five fun questions. This week, Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.), who is also a psychiatrist, talks about a Founding Father’s medical practice and what to do on a rainy day in his district in Seattle. Full story

Jesus Lady to Name Names

Jesus Lady to Name Names

(Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

For more than three decades, Rita Warren has sat with her life-size Jesus mannequin outside the Capitol, earning her the name “Jesus Lady.”

But Warren says Jesus’ fate outside the halls of Congress is in peril, and at 11 a.m. today, she will hold a press conference on the East Front of the Capitol to “release the names of those who want to remove Jesus from the Capitol.”
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Group Wants DesJarlais’ Medical License

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington stopped just short of calling for the head of embattled Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) in a complaint it lodged with his home-state medical board. But the government watchdog group does want the doctor’s medical license, which is currently valid until February 2014, flagged for reconsideration.

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October 15, 2012

Pol Positioning

Pol Positioning

(Courtesy For the People)

Armchair campaign analysts should ready their most trusted tea leaves, crystal balls and Ouija boards.

Because correctly calling the races in For the People’s “November Madness” promo will net the politically savvy not just bragging rights but also high-tech gadgetry.

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October 12, 2012

Free Foie Gras … With ID Only

1789 toque Anthony Lombardo has a holiday treat for West Coast gourmands struggling with the newly enforced goose liver blackout: flash a California ID and feast on free foie gras.

Free Foie Gras ... With ID Only

(Courtesy Clyde's Restaurant Group)

Then-Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the statewide ban on the controversial variety meat — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals condemns it as the “delicacy of despair” — in 2004. But the mandatory disappearing act only took effect this past July.

Lombardo said he hadn’t given the matter much thought until a group of visiting Californians about lost their minds when they spotted the gustatory splurge on the dinner carte.

“They were just so visibly excited … to get some foie gras in their bellies,” Lombardo told HOH. Full story

Romney Faces Plagiarism Charge From ‘Friday Night Lights’ Creator

We noticed that Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign had taken to using a slogan from the “Friday Night Lights” TV and movie franchise.

Apparently, the writer-director of the franchise has as well, and he’s not pleased with it. Peter Berg is accusing the Romney campaign of plagiarism for ripping off the “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose” expression.

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Sign Them Up

On which side might these anonymous suburbanites land when they enter the voting booth later this fall?

Sign Them Up

(Warren Rojas/CQ Roll Call)

Your guess is as good as mine.

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