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October 21, 2014

October 30, 2012

Local Media Engulfed by McKeon-Rogers Race

The mudslinging intensified in California’s 25th district during the weekend, as an embattled news organization accused Democrat Lee Rogers of politicizing controversial personnel changes while the displaced journalists continued holding incumbent Republican Rep. Buck McKeon responsible for costing them their jobs.

The employment scrap got under way Oct. 16. That’s when KHTS owner Carl Goldman told news director Carol Rock and reporter Mark Archuleta they were being laid off because of budget cuts. Both Archuleta and Rock maintain they were terminated because McKeon was tired of their unflattering reports and had threatened Goldman’s financial interests if the coverage did not stop — charges the McKeon camp flatly denies.

“It has been made clear that neither the Congressman nor his staff members had anything to do with the staffing decisions at KHTS, and we won’t engage in the perpetuation of these unfortunate accounts,” McKeon spokeswoman Alissa McCurley told HOH.

Goldman, meanwhile, went from playing defense on the firings — “Our decision to change personnel was solely a business decision,” he assured HOH in an Oct. 19 email — to now fingering Rogers as the instigator of the whole sordid affair.

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Surviving Sandy

We can’t quite put a finger on it:

Surviving Sandy

(Courtesy Facebook)

But I feel like there’s a campaign metaphor (#7days) in there somewhere.

Refueling After Hurricane Sandy

Local restaurants are raring to get back to the business of feeding hungry D.C. denizens, and we want to help the cabin feverish make a meal connection.

Here’s a list of eateries within walking distance of Capitol Hill that are ready to serve you:


Firehook Bakery

Taylor Gourmet

Hill Country

Pound the Hill

Tortilla Coast

Nando’s Peri-Peri

Queen Vic

Toki Underground

The Pug

H &pizza


Tortilla Cafe

Art and Soul

Union Pub

Le Pain Quotidien


Capitol Lounge

Atlas Arcade


Opening for HH/dinner:

Hank’s Oyster Bar


Chesapeake Room

Molly Malone’s

Boxcar Tavern

Ted’s Bulletin





Belga Café


Smith Commons

Did we miss your favorite spot? Give a shout in the comments section below and we’ll help get the word out. To see what’s available in your neck of the woods, check the #OpeninDC thread on Twitter.

October 29, 2012

Arbitrary List of Top 10 Weather Movies We Could Remember

Because almost everyone in the Northeast Corridor is home from work today or, um, working from home today, HOH is cordially inviting you to a weather movie marathon.

Since we all have a limited amount of time before the power goes out for the rest of the week, you should probably get on this as soon as possible.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments. Full story

Horrormeister Endorses Mitt Romney’s ‘Apocalyptic Vision’

Joss Whedon, the brains behind cult classics “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog” as well as the record-shattering comic book tent pole movie “The Avengers,” believes GOP hopeful Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified to shepherd us into a “Walking Dead”-like nightmare:

“He’s not afraid to face a ravening, grasping horde of subhumans because that’s how he sees poor people already,” Whedon says of the former Bain Capital CEO.

We, for one, look forward to a future where “the 1 percent will no longer be the very rich, it’ll be the very fast.”

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got to register for parkour lessons ASAP.


Dressed to Shill

With the presidential election looming (#8days) and All Hallows’ Eve knock-knock-knocking on our door, this Northern Virginia couple simply could not resist marrying pop satirist Roy Lichtenstein’s patriotic red, white and blues with GOP hopeful Mitt Romney’s anti-status-quo rhetoric:

Dressed to Shill

(Courtesy Facebook)

Of course, not everyone picked up on the artistic homage right away.

Dressed to Shill

(Courtesy Facebook)

“Some people just thought we had the measles,” the scary blond bombshell told HOH.

October 27, 2012

Mary Landrieu Recalls the Horrors of Katrina

While the forthcoming “storm of the century”— the steadily swirling Hurricane Sandy — is dominating the current news cycle, our area has undoubtedly already benefited from the tragic lessons learned from the deadly meteorological event that rocked our nation just seven years ago.

Sen. Mary Landrieu spoke at length Tuesday night about how Hurricane Katrina forever changed the Pelican State, and emergency preparedness in general, during her “Talk of the Hill with Bill Press” interview at the Hill Center.

The Louisiana Democrat regaled attendees with her take on President George W. Bush’s administrative shortcomings, detailed the infrastructure failings that led to the unprecedented disaster and provided an update on where the region stands today — even tossing in a little plug for her favorite New Orleanian:

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October 26, 2012

Hill Staffer, Member Make Annual ‘Best of Gay DC’ List

Washington Blade’s annual competition to determine the “Best of Gay DC” is officially complete, and after weeks of voting, a few notable Capitol Hillers have made the cut.

The Hill folk who won were from categories where Capitol Hill staffers were destined to win by design — such as Best Hill Staffer and Best Gay Politician — but that doesn’t take away from the excitement.

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Battleground, Va.

One roof, two political inclinations:

Battleground, Va.

(Courtesy Facebook)

Could this presidential race (#11days) be any more divisive?

October 25, 2012

Tina Fey Legitimately Sick of Todd Akin

30 Rock” creator and spot-on Sarah Palin impersonator Tina Fey on Wednesday night lit into Missouri Republican and Senate hopeful Rep. Todd Akin for his mind-blowing “legitimate rape” theory.

“I can’t even finish this sentence without getting dumber. It’s making me dumber when I say it,” the comedian told attendees at the Center for Reproductive Rights’ inaugural gala, a fundraiser at New York’s iconic Lincoln Center.

Zagat Courting Votes at Union Station

Zagat scouts are camped out at Union Station asking people to vote.

Zagat Courting Votes at Union Station

(Warren Rojas/CQ Roll Call)

Not for all those political windbags who have turned TV into wall-to-wall attack ads, but for local businesses we all patronize regularly.

The one-time restaurant scorecard, which was snatched up by Google last fall, is muscling in on Yelp’s turf, soliciting ratings from armchair critics about a wide spectrum of retail shopping opportunities.

Zagat has zeroed in on three dozen Capitol Hill vendors — ranging from historical landmarks (Schneider’s, Eastern Market, Frager’s Hardware) to niche boutiques (Punk Rock Bride, Hill’s Kitchen, Fairy Godmother) — for its current “shopping & food lover’s” survey (live through Dec. 9). Each spot can be judged on “quality,” “display,” “service” and “cost,” on a continuum from “fair-poor” to “excellent” for the first three categories and from “inexpensive” to “very expensive” for the latter.

One of the lounge keepers said folks are welcome to put in their two cents about as many D.C.-based ventures as they like. And the more surveys you fill out, the more rewards you can earn from the Zagat prize shelf.

Zagat Courting Votes at Union Station

(Warren Rojas/CQ Roll Call)

A Zagat aide told HOH the compiled shopping reviews would be featured in a specialty guide poised for publication in 2013.

Coco Endorses Romney’s Guilty Pleasure

CNN anchor Erin Burnett visited with Conan O’Brien earlier this week, a friendly chat that, naturally, turned to GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s late-night snacking habits:

We admire Coco’s moxie, but feel obligated to do him one better.

Obama Cracks Birther Joke on Leno

President Barack Obama stopped by the “Tonight Show” to discuss the election (#12days), voter suppression and, of course, his contentious relationship with birther conspiracy theorist No. 1 Donald Trump:

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Backstage Inc. Sees Political Blowback

Backstage Inc. Sees Political Blowback

Sandro Duraes, owner of Barracks Row costume shop Backstage Inc. and husband of store manager Sandy Duraes, wears a gladiator costume. The store owners said zombies are popular this year, but political costumes, traditionally a hot item, aren’t selling as well. (Chris Maddaloni/CQ Roll Call)

At Backstage Inc., the quirky costume store on Barracks Row, political Halloween costumes are just not flying off the shelves like they used to.

Store manager Sandy Duraes said there is always a spike in sales of political masks and campaign gear during the Halloween of an election year, but this season’s increase is smaller than the rest.

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By Emily Cahn Posted at 12:01 a.m.

Political Ads Get Smashed!

For those of us without a DVR, life can be hard.

Not only do we have to make sure we’re actually watching television at the time it is being broadcast, but we have to sit through a nonstop onslaught of mind-numbing commercials telling us that former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine (D) “just can’t help himself” on taxes or that former Sen. George Allen (R) is “wrong for Virginia.”

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