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December 18, 2014

July 19, 2012

Getting Thee on NBC

It’s official. “Parks and Recreation” is filming parts of its season opener here in D.C. today and Friday.

The NBC sitcom, which revolves around a motley crew of civil servants in Pawnee, Ind., left the door open to visiting D.C. at the end of last season by splitting up newly minted city Councilwoman Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and her campaign manager/boyfriend Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) after he got tapped to oversee a Congressional race.
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The Suits Off Their Backs

On Wednesday, the women of Capitol Hill shed their clothes — for a cause.

The third annual Dress for Success Challenge held a drive to see which chamber’s ladies could donate more office-appropriate clothing to the nonprofit. The House edged out the Senate this year, reclaiming the title after being bested last time around.
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Chick It Out

Attention Chick-fil-A fans on Capitol Hill: Your drives to Crystal City to obtain those succulent, spicy chicken sandwiches might soon be a thing of the past.

Chick-fil-A spokeswoman Kristal McKanders confirmed that the recently launched Chick-fil-A food truck has Union Station on its short list of areas to visit in the District.
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By Emily Cahn Posted at 12:01 a.m.

July 18, 2012

Dark Knight Foe Co-Opts Romney

An aloof multibillionaire is being targeted by nefarious forces.

Yes, it’s the plot of the final installment of auteur Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, “The Dark Knight Rises” (opening this Friday). But the film’s psychotic villain, the masked miscreant known as Bane, has broken through the fourth wall to lampoon presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Twitter.

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Silly Signs in Congress

The Capitol complex is littered with silly signs on the daily.

Two eagle-eyed staffers sent us these gems today:

A sign outside the office of Arizona Rep. Trent Franks (R) asks that American taxpayers with a penchant with spontaneity step away from his office door.

“If you have an appointment or are Hill staff please knock,” the sign asks. “If not please call our office.”

Ten dollars to the smart-arse American who stands outside Franks’ office, calls the number on the sign from a portable cellular telephonic device and politely asks to the staffer to open the door.

Silly Signs in Congress

Sign outside the office of Arizona Rep. Trent Franks (Courtesy HOH tipster)

Silly Signs in Congress

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This Ought to Clear Things Up …

Today is the birthday of Vin Diesel, star of the movie franchise “The Fast and the Furious,” so the timing could not be better for this move by the Conservative Caucus.

The Washington Times published the following ad by TCC today, which offers a $100,000 reward for any information the public might have about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ ill-fated “Operation Fast and Furious” gun-running investigation.

This Ought to Clear Things Up ...

Screenshot of the The Conservative Caucus website

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Know Your Drinking Fauna

Capitol Hill has made drinking a way of life, so when GQ magazine recently compiled a list of characters to avoid during happy hour, we at HOH grabbed a couple of staffers and a loquacious bouncer to create this public service list of some of the Hill’s own happy hour characters.


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Overheard on the Hill

“He has the most integrity of anyone I’ve ever met. That’s really rare for a Senator.”

— Donna Bailey, co-director of the Addison County Parent/Child Center in Vermont, regarding Sen. Bernie Sanders.

A Hair-Raising Adventure

A Hair Raising Adventure

(Courtesy Ramael Slater)

There’s been a lot of talk about moon colonies this election cycle. But while some see opportunities for intergalactic tourism and energy exploration, animator Ramael Slater believes it’ll just be another battleground for overbearing politicians.
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July 17, 2012

A Taste of Nancy Pelosi’s Diet

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) recently “surprised” San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer with a birthday dinner date where the two bonded over political chatter and all things chocolate.

As Bauer explained on his blog, the gustatory love fest came about after his good friend reached out to her friend, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), about getting the two together. Speier then reportedly relayed the pitch to Pelosi.

While detailing the niceties of their 13-course meal at Aziza, Bauer let slip observations about Pelosi’s eating habits that piqued our interest.

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Spike Mendelsohn Continues Takeover of Pennsylvania Avenue

Cheflebrity Spike Mendelsohn is branching out once more, prepping a steak frites concept — tentatively tagged “Béarnaise” — projected to open this fall on Capitol Hill.

According to the Washington Business Journal, Mendelsohn has locked down plans to take over the Thai Roma spot (313 Pennsylvania Ave. SE), conveniently located just a few doors down from his pre-existing properties, We, The Pizza (305 Pennsylvania Ave. SE) and Good Stuff Eatery (303 Pennsylvania Ave. SE).

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Locals Dish About Tampa’s Secret Eats

The Republican National Convention has offered up its version of the culinary frontrunners it’s supporting during next month’s nominating soiree. But Tampa food scribes assure HOH there are certain off-menu specials conventioneers won’t want to miss.

Tampa Tribune food writer Jeff Houck eats his way around the local dining scene like it’s his job (it is) for “The Stew” blog. Which makes it all the more impressive that, come quitting time, he’s still inclined to darken Pelagia Trattoria’s door.
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By Warren Rojas Posted at 12:01 a.m.

Book Sense

Forget legislating a redistribution of wealth. Sen. Bernie Sanders is doing some of it on his own.

The Vermont Independent has given almost $23,000 in royalties from a book chronicling his famous 8.5-hour filibuster to a family support group in his state.

The Addison County Parent/Child Center received the check in October, thanks to “The Speech: A Historic Filibuster on Corporate Greed and the Decline of Our Middle Class,” a 126-page account of Sanders’ 2010 marathon floor speech opposing an extension of the Bush-era tax cuts.
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Take Five With Rep. David Cicilline

Take Five With Rep. David Cicilline

(CQ Roll Call File Photo)

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for HOH to catch up with a Member of Congress through five fun questions. This week, Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) discusses his time in the doghouse and gives travel tips.

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July 16, 2012

Sarah Silverman Promises to Scissor for Obama

Raunchy comedian Sarah Silverman is no stranger to political comedy.

Silverman was the face of the 2008 election cycle’s Great Schlep wherein she urged Jewish kids to get down to Florida to urge their grandparents to vote for then-candidate Barack Obama.

Now Silverman is back at it, though the premise is a little dirtier. She promises major Republican donor Sheldon Adelson that if he takes the $100 million he donated to presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign and pledges it to Obama instead she won’t sleep with him … but! she will “scissor” him.

Yes, she does demonstrate how she will scissor Adelson on her dog, Duck. Probably NSFW.

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