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July 24, 2014

April 6, 2012

Connecticut Democrat Calls Christopher Murphy a ‘Whore’

During an otherwise-tame debate in Connecticut on Thursday night, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate called her opponents by special nicknames: “Whore” and “Ignorant.”

Lee Whitnum got to make the first closing remark at the end of the debate. She began by saying she would be changing her statement “a little tiny bit.”

“I’m appalled that when I talk about the neo-conservative somehow it’s twisted to be some sort of racist comment,” she said. That the neo-cons were involved in the Iraq War is “documented fact,” she railed.

“I’m dealing with ‘Whore’ here,” she said gesturing to Rep. Christopher Murphy standing on her left. “Who sells his soul to [the American Israel Public Affairs Committee], who will say anything for the job.”

She then turned to state Rep. William Tong and gestured across the room: “[And] ‘Ignorant’: His response to what I said was just shocking,” she continued.

Really, lady? That was the shocking part?

When it was Murphy’s turn to speak he said he might rethink advocating for all candidates to participate in the debates. Full story

April 5, 2012

Joe Visconti Loves Several Things, Including Christopher Shays

Do you need a good dose of insanity? Have you not laughed so hard you’ve almost peed your pants? Well, HOH has quite an afternoon treat!

We have found a very funny YouTube video, perhaps the greatest we’ve watched this day. It has taught us that a man called Joe Visconti loves gasoline, flatbed trucks, Tom Petty songs and the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. But, more than anything on God’s green Earth, Visconti loves current GOP Senate candidate and former Rep. Christopher Shays (Conn.).

According to Visconti’s blog, he is an “[e]ntertainer, Emmy Award winning producer and former candidate for the US Congress.” We bet Shays is pleased as punch to have Visconti stand in the back of a pickup truck, lift a gas can and wave a flag for him. We know we would be.

Tumblr of the Day

This is very funny.

Washington’s ‘Mockingbird’ Tributes

Forget the Mockingjay, the hybrid birdie from “The Hunger Games” trilogy that symbolized hope and perseverance. Check out the old-school Mockingbird, as in the classic “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Starting today, Washington will give you all a chance to reflect on the Harper Lee novel that every American high schooler reads and the movie that produced the American Film Institute’s “greatest hero in the history of American film” — Atticus Finch, played immortally by the late Gregory Peck.


Full story

The Facebooking Farmer

Sen. Jon Tester is farming, campaigning, answering constituent questions and doling out farming advice — all while operating heavy machinery! It is multitasking at its finest.

The Montana Democrat is back in his home state to plant things in dirt before the rain comes. But maybe, just maybe, the Senator is aware that he faces one of the more competitive Senate races in the nation, against Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg, so he’s laying it on pretty thick on the multitasking farming/senatoring/campaigning thing by multiposting across various Internet tools.

His campaign is following all the farming shenanigans on his blog. And Tester is taking questions from voters and other farmers via his Facebook and Twitter pages.

What kinds of questions? About grasshoppers and quinoa, of course! Full story

April 4, 2012

Wet and Wild at the White House

Construction at the White House took a wet turn Wednesday when an apparent water main break showered the area between the Old Executive Office Building and the northwest gate.

The geyser was quickly shut off, but not before HOH caught it on tape.

Iowa’s Beef With Pink Slime Paranoia

National media has been having a field day with what they’ve dubbed “pink slime,” the mechanically separated and chemically treated trimmings folded back into commercial ground beef.

But fed-up Iowa lawmakers are championing the food filler approved by the Agriculture Department.

Full story

April 3, 2012

Budgeting for Three

It’s a girl!

Budgeting for Three

Courtesy Jason and Wendy Knox

Bicameral Republican aides Jason (Senate Budget Committee) and Wendy Knox (House Small Business Committee) welcomed daughter Tenley Ava Knox at 7:17 p.m., Thursday.

The little girl, their first child, weighed 7.4 pounds and spanned 19 inches. Although not even a week old, sources assure HOH she’s already declared her allegiance to the University of Florida Gators.

Mother and baby are reportedly doing just fine. Dad, as seen above, is obviously ecstatic.

April 2, 2012

Confessions of a Mustache Convert

Editor’s Note: While HOH has long regarded itself as a collective, occasionally a contributor takes his or her assignment very, very seriously. This is one of those times. HOH readers, we give you Meredith Shiner.

I’m just going to throw this out there: I am biased.

I know, I know, a reporter is never supposed to confess such a thing, but it’s true. I can’t help it. I have certain deep-seated hates in life: Washington, D.C.-area drivers, the Chicago Cubs, New Jersey and Seersucker Thursdays, to name a few. But before Sunday, I had one bias that really topped them all — dudes with facial hair. This can be a problem if you’re covering the Million Mustache March on Washington. Full story

Boning Up for the Election

President Barack Obama courts the coveted canine vote:

Boning Up for the Election

Obama for America 2012

Does pet scandal-plagued GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney dare bite back?


April 1, 2012

Seasoning Future Chefs

A cadre of local cheflebrities and their epicurious school-age helpers want to wine and dine you with world cuisines April 26 at the Liaison Capitol Hill hotel.

Art Smith, owner/operator of Art and Soul restaurant here on Capitol Hill and founder of Chicago-based nonprofit Common Threads, is hosting the second annual fundraiser this year. The multitalented toque-turned-philanthropist has famously fed the likes of everyone from Oprah Winfrey to President Barack Obama.  Full story

Take Five

Take Five

(Scott J. Ferrell/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

It’s recess Monday, and to celebrate, HOH sat down with Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) to talk about the Last Frontier and its hockey, sledding and foremost painter.

Full story

March 30, 2012

No ‘Remorse’

Clayton Hanson can write so much faster than you.

On his 33rd birthday, this CQ Roll Caller pledged to write a novel in six months. He hit his deadline.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, 15 months later, Hanson’s second novel, “Ms. Remorse,” is being launched. Full story

Washington Whiskey Weekend

Whiskey lovers, get happy!

This weekend, President George Washington’s gristmill in Mount Vernon reopens for the season and stays open until October.

Washington Whiskey Weekend

(Warren Rojas/CQ Roll Call)

Full story

March 29, 2012

This Is Schocking!

Updated 4:25 p.m. | Rep. Aaron Schock is known for his handsome mug, his washboard abs and his love of P90X.

A new report by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington reveals that the Illinois Republican’s campaign has a rather broad understanding of health care costs and critical travel expenses. Full story

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