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February 13, 2016

May 10, 2013

Taste of America: Reigning Champs Go Down!

America is changing before our eyes. Or at least CQ Roll Call’s Taste of America is changing.

In the first round of voting for 2013’s food fight, the past two champions — 2012’s Utah cherry cobbler and 2011’s Northern Mariana Islands apigigi — went down. Utah’s cobbler went down to Washington state trout, 833-584. Meanwhile, Idaho french fries deep-fried the apigigi, 963-121.

Other notable contests: The epic pastry-on-pastry showdown of Boston cream pie and West Virginia pepperoni rolls had smoked cured meat beating out sweet cream, 9,019-4,372. Georgia peach cobbler squeaked out a win against Texas 2’s corn dogs, 1,800-1,746. And Arizona chimichangas walloped Wyoming buffalo burgers, 6,350-627.

By Jason Dick Posted at 6:26 p.m.

Arrested Development to Play N Street Village Benefit

Two-time Grammy winner Arrested Development and super-producer Kevin “Khao” Cates will perform at the N Street Village‘s Night Sessions on May 16, a young professionals event to benefit the D.C. nonprofit.

N Street Village is a support and resource center for homeless and low-income women in Washington, D.C. The nonprofit provides services to address emergency and long-term needs. The group is the city’s largest homeless service provider for women.

This year’s Night Sessions event will also feature the “musical inauguration” of the Village Bliss Award in Memory of Evan H. Bliss, a D.C.-area native who passed away suddenly in August.

Bliss was a local musician with a loyal, enthusiastic fan base — and a Washington Post Redskins blogger. He also performed at the 2010 N Street Village Night Session, which was held at the Rock and Roll Hotel.

Correction: May 13, 3:30 p.m.

An earlier version of this post misstated when Evan H. Bliss played the N Street Village Night Session. It was in 2010.

Tonight! Cocktails, D.C. History and the Chuck Brown Band

In Washington, it sometimes feels like every week is World Cocktail Week.

From May 6-13, however, it actually is World Cocktail Week. And Friday night, D.C. Toasts will hold its first annual Spring cocktail event to pay tribute to the art and diverse history of the well-built drink by throwing a killer party at the Howard Theatre, which will feature D.C.’s legendary Chuck Brown Band.

According to the website, D.C. Toasts was founded by Washington’s cocktail geeks to promote “excellence in bartending through diversity and education, by celebrating those who have made significant contributions to bartending but whose stories have gone virtually untold.” Full story

The Frost/Clinton Tapes

Budding filmmaker Jaiden Frost doesn’t necessarily consider himself a political animal. But he’s waded into the field with his recent tribute to pre-eminent lady politician Hillary Rodham Clinton, “White Room”:

“I wanted to feature someone who has been a true inspiration and a powerful woman in our country. She was the first person who came to mind,” Frost told HOH of his draw to the former FLOTUS/New York senator/secretary of State.

After digging through The Daily Beast’s treasure trove of Clinton clips, Frost married the former presidential candidate’s rhetoric to his dreamlike homage to women’s rights.

Full story

Daughters, Staffers Usher Farenthold Onto Instagram

After constant nagging from his two college-aged daughters, a talk-show-host-turned-congressman has agreed to take Instagram users behind the scenes while he’s at work.



Full story

How People Find Their Way to HOH

Sometimes words make no sense, especially here at HOH.

It’s in this spirit that we present the nonsensical Internet search terms that have led some folks to our particular brand of crazy:

Here are the top nine bizarro terms/phrases that drove traffic to our little gossip den:

Full story

May 9, 2013

Members, Sheryl Crow Party at Down Syndrome Foundation Gala

A catwalk’s worth of government and media big shots let their hair down at a Wednesday night fundraiser where special needs met special interests.

“I don’t think many people are aware how little Down Syndrome receives [in] research dollars, for being the most common of chromosome abnormalities,” Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., said in an interview at the start of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s 2013 gala dinner, hosted at the Ritz-Carlton in Foggy Bottom this year. Full story

‘A Taste of America’ Votes Coming In Fast and Furious

Forget about what may or may not be happening on the floor.

The real action (at least this week) has been happening in cyberspace, as pols and food lovers put on their lobbying hats to help shepherd treasured goodies through CQ Roll Call’s month-long “A Taste of America” food fight.



The contest, which will whittle 64 signature eats to eight contenders over the next several weeks, is already shaping up to be a doozy. The winner will be revealed June 13 at a reception during the 52nd Annual CQ Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game.

Full story

Softball: ‘Debbie Is Gonna Make Us Practice in the Rain’

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., is not happy with her softball team’s practice rain-out policy.

Wasserman Schultz, second from left, is not happy with her team's rain-out policy. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo.)

Wasserman Schultz, second from left, is not happy with her team’s rain-out policy. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Wasserman Schultz captains the Congressional Women’s Softball team, a group of female lawmakers who play against female Washington press corps members every June to raise money for the Young Survival Coalition, a breast cancer charity.

It seems that on Monday evening, the Congressional team’s organizers canceled their Tuesday practice — set for 7 a.m. — in anticipation of rain.

But the rain didn’t come. Full story

Capitol Tour for DSpan?

Denard Span, the Washington Nationals’ star center fielder and leadoff hitter, has a busy schedule in the coming months, especially if the Nats make a deep playoff push.

But one thing on his to do list? A tour of the Capitol.

He’s been to the White House but he has not had a chance to peer inside at the people’s Congress. And he even expressed interest at doing so if given the opportunity.

“There’s so much to see here. I don’t know where to begin. They need to have a chronological order to the city. Hoping to have enough time here to do that,” he said. “I see myself coming back [to D.C.] during the offseason.”

Span plays for D.C., lives in Crystal City, Va., and calls Tampa, Fla., his home. Perhaps there is a congressional office out there willing to host him on a Capitol tour?

Domenici Hopes to Repair Ties With Reid After Affair

Former Sen. Pete V. Domenici, R-N.M., wants to patch up his relationship with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid after the Nevada Democrat refused to see him because of an affair Domenici had with the daughter of one of Reid’s close friends three decades ago.

“I have occasion to call him every now and then,” Domenici told the Albuquerque Journal. “Harry has been a longtime friend. I’m sorry for what happened 35 years ago, and I look forward to any opportunity to talk with him about these matters.”

Full story

Tom Colicchio: ‘Just Say No’ to Farm Bill

“Top Chef” judge and anti-hunger advocate Tom Colicchio has some choice words for members of Congress when it comes to the farm bill: “Just say no.”

Colicchio thinks the status quo is better than making deep cuts to hunger programs. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

Colicchio said he thinks the status quo is better than making deep cuts to hunger programs. (Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

Full story

By Jason Dick Posted at 1:56 p.m.
FightingWords, Food

David Schweikert’s Not-So-Sweet Life

Rep. David Schweikert was having a rough go of it Wednesday night — a side effect of going cold turkey on excess sugar:

The Arizona Republican admitted to HOH that he’s got a bit of a sweet tooth. Full story

By Warren Rojas Posted at 1:18 p.m.

Membership Has Its (Enduring) Privileges

An eagle-eyed Capitol Hill visitor spotted the vanity-plated Benz belonging to former Sen. Gordon H. Smith, R-Ore. — now head of the National Association of Broadcasters — cold-chilling in front of the Hart Senate Office Building on Wednesday.

(Courtesy HOH Tipster)

(Courtesy HOH tipster)

While one of our colleagues pointed out that the lobbying curbs adopted by the 110th Congress pulled the plug on certain alumni parking privileges, a Senate aide told HOH there are exceptions to the rule.

“I do know that a ‘former senator permit’ does exist,” the aide said of the courtesy extended to former pols.

Must be nice …

By Warren Rojas Posted at 11:27 a.m.

May 8, 2013

Five Steps Toward the Best Caption | Capitol Quip


The five finalists for this week’s caption contest are all set. Now it’s your turn to vote.

Using the comments section below, vote for your favorite caption until 5 p.m. EDT Thursday.

Here are this week’s finalists:

— “Let’s check in and head to lunch!”

— “(Sigh) I miss kindergarten.”

— “Woo Hoo! Recess in 21 days! Er, I mean ‘District Work Period’ in 21 days.”

— “If we time our furloughs right, we can cut that down even further. Oh, that’s right, only our STAFFS can be furloughed …”

— “Let’s see what sort of messes we can create this time.”

The cartoon with the winning caption will appear on this blog on May 13 and in that day’s print edition of Roll Call. The contest winner will receive a signed color print of his or her Capitol Quip cartoon from the cartoonist, R.J. Matson.

By Jason Dick Posted at 5:42 p.m.
Capitol Quip

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