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May 6, 2015

January 9, 2015

Je Suis Charlie

Je Suis Charlie

Capitol Quip takes a moment of silence this week to mourn the victims of the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo; to celebrate the French people for their love of liberty, their passion for intellectual debate, and their venerable tradition of satire and to honor the spirit of the cartoonists who died defending the inalienable right to make irreverent images.

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By Robert Matson Posted at 4:16 p.m.
Capitol Quip

Rise and Shine, Johnny Isakson-Style

Who’s hungry?

The Georgia Republican would probably flip out if you don’t have at least a flapjack (or two).

The 114th: CQ Roll Call’s Guide to the New Congress

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It’s Unanimous: Twitter Loves That Ted Cruz Reported for Jury Duty

Confidence is high that social media-savvy crooks could have pulled off a daring jailbreak Friday morning in Houston. By all accounts, everyone in the courthouse appears to have been mesmerized by Sen. Ted Cruz’s surprise appearance.

The Texas Republican made his way over to the Harris County legal complex to comply with the summons he’d received a few weeks back. His showing up was cause célèbre enough, given that federal lawmakers are, by law, exempt from having to be impaneled.

It’s Unanimous: Twitter Loves That Ted Cruz Reported for Jury Duty

(CQ Roll Call Photo Illustration)

So off Cruz toddled through the security line. Full story

Democrat Adam Smith Likely Out of Congressional Baseball Game

Democrat Adam Smith Likely Out of Congressional Baseball Game

Smith has a word with the home plate umpire during the 2012 game. (Douglas Graham/Roll Call File Photo)

Rep. Adam Smith likely won’t be playing in the upcoming Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game, due to hip problems.

“I couldn’t be able to play, I think,” the Washington Democrat told CQ Roll in a brief interview in the Speaker’s Lobby. “Major problem with my hip, unfortunately — hips, plural. So I got one operated on and I’m waiting for that one to heal before I get the second one operated on.” Full story

#FF: She-Span on Tumblr

#FF: She Span on Tumblr

Tsongas at a bus stop on Massachusetts Ave. Southeast. (Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call)

If you’re waiting for a bus and are startled by a facsimile of a female member of Congress looking at you, fret not. It’s just another manifestation of She-Span, an art project dedicated to representing the women in Congress and ably chronicled both in public spaces and at

According to that She-Span Tumblr page, the project got underway in 2013, after the 113th Congress was sworn in. It “seeks to make women in Washington more visible, and envisions a future in which Congress reflects the composition of all its constituents.”

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January 8, 2015

Social Media Enthralled by Political Lovefest

The 114th Congress has only been in session for a few days now, but meme-makers appear to be quite smitten with what they’ve seen.

Unlike the party poopers at the National Republican Congressional Committee — who are shocked (SHOCKED, I tell you) by all the naughty bits in “The Global War on Morris,” the satirical novel from former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman and newly minted author, Steve Israel of New York — the web savvy have embraced the bonhomie on display by our elected officials. Full story

#tbt: ‘Vitter Dissed’ on Swearing-In Day 2009

#tbt: Vitter Dissed on Swearing In Day 2009

Vitter, still standing. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

My, how things change. When the 111th Congress was sworn in six years ago, on Jan. 6, 2009, Sen. Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., walked down the chamber aisle to be sworn in for her third term — sans her home-state colleague, Republican David Vitter.

HOH took note in the Jan. 7, 2009, edition of Roll Call:

“If the first day of a Congressional session really is like the first day of high school, Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) was totally exiled to the cafeteria losers’ table.” Full story

January 7, 2015

Vote for Your Favorite World’s Reddest Capitol Quip!

Vote for Your Favorite Worlds Reddest Capitol Quip!

The five finalists for this week’s caption contest are ready for your votes.

Using the comments section below, vote for your favorite caption until 5 p.m. ET Thursday.

Here are this week’s finalists:

  • This just makes me feel so blue…
  • This place is starting to look like a used car lot.
  • These guys are probably the happiest things we’ll see all year!
  • I guess red is the new black.
  • Hope the helium doesn’t go to their heads.

The cartoon with the winning caption will appear on this blog on Jan. 11 and in the following print edition of Roll Call. The contest winner will receive a signed color print of his or her Capitol Quip cartoon from the cartoonist, R.J. Matson.

The 114th: CQ Roll Call’s Guide to the New Congress

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By Rebecca Gale Posted at 4:10 p.m.
Capitol Quip

Piper Perabo Scours Capitol Hill for Fans of Pay Bumps

“Covert Affairs” star Piper Perabo is canvassing Capitol Hill Wednesday and Thursday. Her mission: ferreting out supporters of an AFL-CIO-led pay raise push.

Piper Perabo Scours Capitol Hill for Fans of Pay Bumps

(Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images File Photo)

“Although I have been playing a CIA operative on TV, this is my first real walk through the halls of Congress, and I am excited,” the faux-intelligence operative, who first burst into the public consciousness as a drink-slinging, table top-stomping, karaoke savant in “Coyote Ugly,” told HOH. Full story

Roskams Welcome 114th Congress With Vivid Vistas

Rep. Peter Roskam and his artist wife, Elizabeth, have once again teamed up to create one of the most colorful time keepers on Capitol Hill: the family’s homespun calendar.

Roskams Welcome 114th Congress With Vivid Vistas

(CQ Roll Call)

This marks the second time the Illinois Republican has collaborated with his visually inclined spouse on such a project, the original having popped up around the holidays in late 2013. Full story

January 6, 2015

Members Party Down on the First Day of New Session

Having already posed for the obligatory pictures, placed their hands on the good book and weathered a nail-biter of a leadership challenge (Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, voted for … himself! Newcomer Curt Clawson, R-Fla., endorsed … Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul), the members of the 114th Congress dove right into what #ThisTown does best: schmoozing.

Six-term Sen. Charles. E. Grassley wandered across the Capitol to greet incoming delegation member Rod Blum, but just missed his newly minted colleague.

Members Party Down on the First Day of New Session

(Warren Rojas/CQ Roll Call)

“I’m going to go find out where my boss is right now,” a Blum aide assured the senior Iowa Republican. Full story

HOH Name Game: Don’t Mispronounce These

HOH Name Game: Dont Mispronounce These

Good times! Just don’t be the one to flub a name as the 114th Congress gets started. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Anyone new to Capitol Hill has to get to know a big group of people right away, and with 535 members of Congress, plus non-voting delegates and Puerto Rico’s resident commissioner all roaming the halls, getting all their names right is no easy feat.

There are some names, however, you just absolutely should never mangle. If you do, you’ll look like a rube, and if we find out about it at HOH, we’ll make fun of you, too.  Full story

Pols Blanket Twitter with Weather Reports

The first snowfall of the season in the nation’s capital has driven solons directly to the world wide web to offer their two cents on all the white stuff fluttering down on everyone’s head.

The Out-of-Towners

Rep. Grace Meng, D-N.Y.

Chasing a Dream at The Pursuit Wine Bar

Chasing a Dream at The Pursuit Wine Bar

(Warren Rojas/CQ Roll Call)

Unlike trendier drinking establishments that have wholly embraced gimmickry as a shortcut to success, the powers that be behind The Pursuit Wine Bar at 1421 H St. NE appear inclined to grow their following one incredibly satisfied patron at a time.

There are no eye roll-inducing passwords to memorize. No blink-and-you’ll-miss-it entry ways to ferret out. And, thankfully, no throng of chain-smoking, shot special of the day-chasing, extra long polo shirt-wearing bros to endure, as can be the case at its clubbier neighbor, The Elroy.

If anything, The Pursuit’s terribly well-mannered clientele are living proof that quiet and contentment can happily coexist beneath the same roof.

Full story

Take Five: Ted Lieu

Take Five: Ted Lieu

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

It’s time again for Take Five, when HOH talks with a member of Congress about topics relatively unrelated to legislative work.

This week, Rep.-elect Ted Lieu, D-Calif., House Democrats’ freshman class president, talks about his turbo technology, hotel points and celebrities in prison. Full story

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