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February 12, 2016

PO’ed Tweeters Pile On John McCain

In the 24 hours since he was caught sneaking a few hands of video poker during a Senate hearing attempting to hash out some way forward on Syria, outraged social media users have bombarded Sen. John McCain with some unequivocally brutal critiques.

The #JohnMcCainIsMoreUselessThan griping has been going full bore since Tuesday, with detractors incessantly firing off unflattering comparisons of the Arizona Republican to, well, everything.

The hit list of wasted efforts includes:

Senate hearings on Syria


President Barack Obama’s foreign policy


The Right


The Left

Elected officials as a whole


His best buddy


His former running mate


Speaker John A. Boehner’s authority


Hell, even this profession got fragged.

All the vitriol proved too much for Joel Ciszewski, who lashed out at all the random haters for ignoring the incredible sacrifices McCain has made while serving this country:

Nice try, bud.

But in today’s click-to-judgment world, you’re only as relevant as your last meme.


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  • E L Frederick

    War Hero aside, John McCain’s recent behavior has been disgraceful.

  • Notjack

    Electing a man to the Senate because of his war service turned out to be a mistake didn’t it?

  • Notjack

    John McCain says “Thank God” = “Alahu Akbar”

    How many US combat veterans say thank god after or before killing some one?
    I bet McCain never did that.

  • Misanthrope

    John McCain’s fed at the public trough for 40 years. This country’s more than compensated him for his Viet Nam service. Many veterans, and their families, who deserved more than he did got a lot less.

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