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February 12, 2016

POTUS Crashed My Leisurely Lunch

One minute you’re stuffing your face with a burrito, and the next the Secret Service is snooping through your bags and subjecting you to a full body scan.

(John Gramlich/CQ Roll Call)

(John Gramlich/CQ Roll Call)

This is what happens when the president decides to chow down at the same D.C. restaurant as you.

So it went on Friday afternoon, when President Barack Obama trekked up to The Coupe in Columbia Heights for a policy luncheon at the 24-hour diner.

Patrons (this reporter included) were tipped off that someone notable was en route when an army of suits and earpieces showed up to sweep the place. The bomb-sniffing dog quickly changed the focus of everyone’s VIP theory from singer Chris Brown, who was in town for his arraignment earlier in the week, to either POTUS or FLOTUS.

Obama strode in a few minutes later and worked his way around the diner, shaking hands and making small talk with the 50 or so customers in the place.

(John Gramlich/CQ Roll Call)

(John Gramlich/CQ Roll Call)

Lest anyone think the infant-kissing stops when you’re a lame duck, he also picked up some babies — one of whom daringly played with 44’s face. Another baby appeared to be having a bad hair day, prompting Obama to jokingly compare the windswept child to coiffure kingpin Donald Trump.

According to the White House, the purpose of the president’s visit was to dine with five young people “who are spearheading creative outreach efforts to connect with and help enroll young consumers” in coverage expanded by the Affordable Care Act.

(John Gramlich/CQ Roll Call)

(John Gramlich/CQ Roll Call)

The group huddled together for about an hour, just five feet away from your Columbia Heights pooler, with Obama wearing shirtsleeves and ordering what appeared to be the Coupe Burger — accompanied by sauteed spinach as well as a side of hot-sauce-laced onion rings — drinking iced tea and eventually paying for the meal with a credit card.

No word on the generosity of the president’s tip.

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  • SamCedas

    Funny how these politicians like Obama who are mostly AWOL from their own children especially when they are babies and growing up, are so intent on showing just how “great” they are with other people’s children in public. I’d give anything to get Mrs Obama’s thoughts on this.

    Pete Souza and the White House are hellbent on force-feeding us any version of Obama they think will endear him to the populace – and Obama is the consummate actor who’ll play whatever part he thinks will make and keep him popular. One minute it’s selling the married president as “hot” to get all the lonely women excited and leveraging their fantasies as “support” for policies; Next it’s Obama as “great” with children so that women will swoon still. Nothing like a man who’s great with babies right? Never mind that the guy in question was always mostly an absentee father who from very early on, very selfishly chose to place his political ambitions over the needs of his own wife and daughters.

    • Popeye

      I find it “funny” that some (like you) assume they have any idea how absent (or not) someone they don’t know was or was not for their children’s formative years.

      I’d bet the mortgage that there is not any photo or story of Obama that you would have a positive comment on, so your these thoughts of yours on “politicians like Obama” is truly without any value whatsoever. You don’t like him. Fine. We get it.

      • CranstonB

        Um, I think the comment might be accurate. Obama in his own words has admitted to not being around when the girls were growing up. Michelle did all the raising while he was away chasing fame and politics. Sad thing is, he’s still not around for them. He’s still chasing fame and politics. Or spending most of his leisure, spare time hanging with his boys on weekends, and even on ?family? vacations. What busy family man with a young family spends 8 precious hours of what should be rare, quality family time most weekend on the golf course, or takes his boys along on family vacations? Obama has sadly turned out to be a burst. Of all things, I expected at the very least, that his great husband, great father, family man image be authentic. Not so. Even that has turned out to be an act which he’s having a hard time keeping up. There’s just this undeniable (and repellant) immaturity and frat boy quality to him. How hard should it be to enjoy spending time with family for a president who swears his wife and daughters are the most important thing? He’s a phony and people are starting to figure it out. The photo-ops with kids and adoring audiences aggressively marketed by the White House notwithstanding.

  • pericles9

    The Prez carries a CREDIT card? Sure it’s not a DEBIT card?

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