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February 7, 2016

Putting the Cart Before the Horse | Capitol Quip


The foibles surrounding the rollout of the new health care law dominate Capitol Hill discussions. Who’s to blame for glitches? When will the exchanges be up and running smoothly? What kind of effect will this have on the political environment? This all brings us to this week’s Capitol Quip.

Send us a caption for this week’s contest by leaving it in the comments section of our Heard on the Hill blog. Editors will pick five finalists on Nov. 13, and everyone can vote for the winner through Nov. 14.

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  • Booberry

    It’s easier to see his view from up here.

  • Booberry


  • Booberry

    You put the a la carte before the horse.

  • Booberry

    The butt stops here.

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    I liked it better when all we had to worry about was the government shutdown.

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    But he IS heavy, and he sure ain’t my brother!

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    Could someone please cut those reins for me?

  • Jimmie Miller

    Any ideas how we can get the elephant to help pull this load?

  • Larry Moore

    Don’t worry about the mule, just load the wagon

  • PasoFinoCA

    Hey Boss, maybe we should stop and read what’s in the O wagon before we drag it all the way cross country?

  • Mick Bolstein

    “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”

  • Mick Bolstein

    “Hey Boss, Why’d you stop calling it Obamacare?”

  • Mick Bolstein

    “We’re gonna need a bigger buggy…”

  • Mick Bolstein

    “Who invited Chris Christie?”

  • Mick Bolstein

    Hey, I’m concerned about my own legacy!

  • Mick Bolstein

    Let’s just camp here for a year or so…

  • Mick Bolstein

    Hail to the beef…Where’s the beef?

  • Mick Bolstein

    Go get your friends Letterman, Maddow, Stewart and Huffington!

  • Mick Bolstein

    Is this their idea of meeting us half-way?

  • Larry

    Man, this is getting to be a drag….

  • Bzrdhd

    I hate to be such a jackass, but I don’t think I can pull this load.

  • T.A. Conscience

    “Quit blaming me, it’s the chocks, stupid!”

  • A. Writer

    It seems I have this pre-existing condition.

  • Buck Berry

    I’m thinking your legacy is starting to look a little like a torn rotator cuff!

  • jlee

    It appears our sun is setting.

  • Tom

    It’s going to take some magical reindeer to deliver these higher premiums by 2014!

  • Tom

    I should have taken Rudolph’s advice and worked for Santa….at least people still believe in him!

  • Tom

    You don’t understand, people love Santa because he brings GIFTS….he doesn’t deliver higher health care cost to people while they sleep!

  • Tom

    I’m with them, I don’t want this cart anywhere near mid-term elections!

  • Tom

    Can we leave the cart and run our mid-term elections on HOPE and CHANGE again?!

  • Tom

    Voters will be upset when they find out our hope and change turned out to be lies and feces!

  • VRaleigh

    If you like your cart, you can keep it. Period!

  • VRaleigh

    If too many people enjoy the free ride and not enough people help pull, the cart is not going anywhere.

  • darthgidget

    this is what happens when you load 10 pounds of crap into a 1 pound bag

  • Kelli

    Well, the good news is that from up here, 2014 looks further away!

  • stafford123

    I want to get to the finish line, too, but there’s just too much baggage back there!

  • Tom

    Being out front and pulling as hard as you can doesn’t make you a good leader!

  • Stephen Barlow


  • Noel E. PARMENTEL Jr

    §What is needed is a Tail to wag this Dog.

    s/Noel E. PARMENTEL Jr

  • LZ126

    “Let’s make this a bipartisan effort,” you said. “Let’s get Chris Christie aboard,” you said . . . .

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