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February 12, 2016

Query Us Behavior: The Jeopardy Set

Won’t you join us on our semi-regular swan dive into the pool of bizarro search terminology that somehow directs web crawlers to our virtual doorstep.

This week’s band of befuddled brothers:

Those who came a-knockin’ with fully formed questions in mind:

  • Who says government doesnt listen to what its citizens have to say (They heard that);
  • What religion is nancy pelosi? (Devout chocafarian);
  • Why barney frank is an idiot (Draw us a picture, maybe);
  • Who picked the gang of eight (destiny);
  • Is that a tarp over the supreme court building (a rainbow one, at that);  and,
  • What is a roll call in the air force (we’re lovers, not fighters)

Till next totally confusing time…


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