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February 14, 2016

The GOP Unity Ticket? | Capitol Quip


Illustrator R.J. Matson’s latest cartoon needs a caption.

While you were at the beach last week, the tea party’s favorite lawmaker, Minnesota GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, decided not to run for re-election. Funny thing though, her announcement kind of coincided with former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole’s, R-Kan., decision to criticize the direction Bachmann and other conservative purists have taken the party. There should be a lot of good fodder there, so have at it!

Leave us your caption in the comments section below. Editors will pick five finalists Wednesday, and then everyone can vote for the winner until Thursday afternoon. The winner gets a signed print from Matson.

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  • Dowhatsright

    I’ve got the pitch fork, you get the torches and we will
    march on the Monster’s Whitehouse.

  • DCDonnie

    American GOPic

  • Nick

    I’m not retiring because my Tea Party views are out of
    touch: I finally realized the pen just ain’t mightier than the pitchfork!

    • Tim

      Dole is the epitome of being out of touch, along with McCain and other RINOs. The Tea Party isn’t.

  • Art

    For a stronger, longer-lasting America, we’re proud to launch the “Tea and Little-Blue-Pill” Party.

  • Larry

    The US Capitol is the place for me.
    Cuttin’ deals is the life for me.
    Legislatin’ a good old omnibus bill
    Keep your tea parties, just give me bipartisan will.

    God’s country is where I’d rather go.
    Congressional business is our biggest foe.
    I just adore the gun rights crew.
    Robert, I love you but the party needs something new!

  • GNH

    Is that a Montblanc?

  • pericles9

    Hey, Bob! You scratch my back and I’ll stab yours!

  • pericles9

    Hey, Bob! How’s your wife?
    Fine, Michelle. How’s yours?

  • pericles9

    If I open my eyes and look real hard I can see the White House!

  • pericles9

    Come on, Bob, be my VP. You’re not in Kansas anymore!

  • DCDonnie

    American GOPic: Bringing back 1930s Austerity

  • Bill Seedyke

    “I’ve always loved following the wishes of an Older Man — just feed my lips!”

  • GNH

    Mich: Bob, have you ever likened government to a pitchfork? Three branches of government, three tines on the fork… Isn’t that amazing? All too similar isn’t it? I often think about odd analogies. How about you, Bob? Do you think about strange similarities and analogies? Just the other day I was thinking about how Capitol Hill is like a cesspool… A fly-ridden cesspool. All mushy and stuff…

    Bob: Shut up, Nancy.

  • GNH

    Is that your pen, or are you just happy to see me?

  • GNH

    Misty, I’ll be your running mate if you quit giving all those girly tea parties. You leave no time to stump on the trail.

  • GNH

    Mich: Do you think the pearls are over the top?

    Bob: No more than my E. Marinella. Here come the press, let’s rock this casbah…

  • Mike Z

    If this smile lasts more than four hours, call a doctor!

  • Sean Kelly

    Kumbaya Bob Dole, Kumbaya…

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