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February 14, 2016

The Most Uncomfortable Thing You’ll Read Today

The Western Representation Political Action Committee has some pretty passionate beliefs about gun control.

A fundraising email sent out Tuesday morning with the subject line “Criminals Love Gun Control” is essentially a repurposed blog post from earlier in the week. The post was written by “Admin,” though the official fundraising email was signed by Dustin Stockton, WRPAC’s co-founder.

Stockton bolded certain lines throughout the post, and the first bold line of the email is, perhaps, a bit overwrought. The imagery, coupled with the cadence, made us spit out our coffee and feel very uncomfortable for several minutes.

Now that the gun grabbers learned that they cannot ram their plans down our throats,” Stockton says in the email. “According to inside information, they will begin a slow and steady process of cramming it from behind through piecemeal legislation attached to unrelated bills.”

We haven’t the foggiest idea why gun control should inspire such anatomically precise prose, but we’ve reached out to the PAC to lead us through their creative process.

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  • Beltway Greg

    And that’s why the Gun Lobby is ultimately going to lose this war.

  • hhig

    if only all these pantshitters lies were true.

  • Les Legato

    “We haven’t the foggiest idea why gun control should inspire such anatomically precise prose…”

    This from the obama-polishing media that supports gay “marriage”, sodomy in the military (and teaching it in grades-schools) as well insisting on grabbing our guns but leaving the criminals alone.

    You know what you call a nation where only the police and military are armed?


    If you want to be slaves to the State and defenseless against criminals, go grab YOUR OWN ANKLES.

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