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February 13, 2016

The Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game in 3 Minutes (Video)

From the opening stretches to Speaker John A. Boehner’s slow jam, watch members in all their glory as the Democrats capture their sixth-straight coveted Roll Call trophy in a 15-6 victory.

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  • Gordan Reston

    Your a week late to your own game!

  • Yonatan YONATAN

    While they play games, millions are losing their homes.. The Republican Party has failed the American people, especially the three million unemployed families who are STILL without an unemployment extension of benefits since late last December. While they fought in the senate for their bosses the Koch Brothers pipeline bill, they flatly refused to help the unemployed families needing an extension of benefits. These families over the past six months have fallen deeper and deeper into financial ruin and poverty. Many for whom may never get out. It seems when it comes to Foreign aid and to sending our sons and daughters to war, they can all agree on unanimously, but helping the unemployed, and poor, and disadvantaged, they refuse to help. Now both the Republicans & Democrats have seemingly walked away from the issue, leaving these desperate families to continue struggling on their own. Where is the so called “family values” that the republicans like to claim to represent? They have no “values” or common decency or compassion. They all need to be voted from office in this coming elections.

  • Jim

    I strongly believe that those who have been eligible for retroactive benefits since Dec. and continued to properly certify their claims and actively seek work as dictated by their State until new legislation is passed restoring EUC benefits should be given the option to receive a one time lump sum payment of benefits of up to 5 months rather than the prospective benefits. In contrast, for those that are just coming off of the regular 26 weeks of employment insurance they should only be allowed to receive the prospective benefits for up to five months. In this way everyone receives a maximum of 5 months of assistance, but more importantly, those that needed the funds the most would have the option of receiving their payments first. In addition, because everyone will only be allowed a maximum of 5 months of benefits, the funding mechanism in place for the current legislation will be sufficient and not require further altering. I believe this is the only fair and pragmatic way to handle this debacle at this point! It is a true win/win for everyone involved! With July 4th around the corner, what better time for Congress, the President, and advocacy groups working on behalf of this issue to better demonstrate their patriotism than by equitably and fairly addressing the needs of those that have been severely impacted by this devastating economic tragedy through fault of their own! Therefore, if anyone is listening and genuinely cares, please urge Congress to modify the new bill and include these MINOR changes.

  • coalgateOps

    Since we, like our ancestors a century ago, are unable to predict civilization a century from now, it is foolish to think that civilization’s advance simply depends upon applying today’s knowledge and ideas.

  • Bill Walters

    The liberty school understands that we benefit more from the voluntary collaboration of free men than from centralized government coercion.

  • G26

    Most Americans recognize that Hussein Obama has no credibility.

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