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February 6, 2016

Waiter Turns Tables on Ron Johnson

Remember the Sheboygan Falls food server who tweeted that Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., is “kind of a jerk”? As it turns out, the author of that tweet thinks Johnson is an OK guy. He even voted for him.

“Mr. Johnson was nothing but polite and professional when serving him,” Greg Scheidt wrote to HOH on Tuesday. Scheidt waited on Johnson and friends at the Bull at Pinehurst Farms golf course and restaurant.

At some point during the evening, Scheidt tweeted: “Serving Ron Johnson at work, I started off excited to see a US Senator and to serve him … But turns out hes kinda a jerk haha #RJSucks.”

Scheidt has since taken the tweet down and told HOH he wasn’t trying to “make any trouble.”

“[W]hat I said about Mr. Johnson was more about that I disagree with him on some things politically,” Scheidt wrote in an email. “I thought my [T]witter was private and thought the tweet would only go out to my close friends. My comment was sarcastic and I said it jokingly and was only meant for friends to see. I did not mean to offend anyone at all, that’s the last thing I want.”

Scheidt appears to have mixed feelings about Johnson politically, but that’s the extent of his beef.

“I did vote for Ron Johnson and I do not regret that. There are some things I disagree with him politically and that is what I meant in the tweet. I did not mean to say he was being a jerk to me or any of the servers. Sorry for the confusion.

“I do apologize but I don’t think newspapers should use tweets and and take them seriously,” he added.

Contacted for comment, Johnson’s office provided HOH with this statement: “I appreciate the young man clarifying the record.” He also asked for Roll Call to make a retraction of the story, which he called “false and misleading.”

Roll Call Editor David Rapp said the paper stands by its original reporting.

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  • JMH21

    This is one of the problems with the communication age. Anyone can say anything and the media, posing as journalists, immediately pick it up and repeat it. Do they do any checking on it? Of course not, that would require work and they might not get the salacious story they are looking for. This kind of crap happens to politicians on both sides of the aisle and is fueled by the “gotcha” mentality of the people writing the stuff.

    Editor Dave Rapp says he stands by the original reporting. So if I tweet out that I saw him with a hooker in his car, just being funny, and some paper picks it up and prints it I guess they should stand by that as well. I would bet he would demand they retract that story.

  • Schwacke1

    I think it is Roll Call Editor David Rapp that is kind of a jerk for refusing to clarifying the record or at least properly vet the story in advance.

  • Jesse

    This is kind of pathetic. On the media and politician’s side.

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