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February 6, 2016

Watch for Nuclear Fallout | Capitol Quip


We are now living in a post-“nuclear option” world, at least in the Senate. Will this be the end of the world’s greatest deliberative body? Will it mean the Senate will confirm more judges and executive nominees? What will it mean that some of the world’s chattiest people can’t talk until the cows come home now? This all brings us to this week’s Capitol Quip.

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  • A. Writer

    Someone call Netanyahu!

  • A. Writer

    I told you sanctions wouldn’t work!

  • Booberry

    It’s the return of Mutually Assured Destruction.

  • Booberry

    Kiss your aspirations goodbye.

  • Booberry

    We can kiss our aspirations goodbye.

  • A. Writer

    Too bad the leadership has gone fission.

  • EdKulzer

    Death Panels! Killing Granny! You lie! Kenyan Marxist usurper! Rip it up & wipe the slate! The sky is still falling!

  • L. Camino

    How long, do ya’ think, until the voters signal the all clear?

  • Ezell H

    Oh crap, Ted Cruz is going to actually filibuster again?

  • PB

    I’ve been hiding under my desk since I got here! You’ll get used to it.

  • stafford123

    Reid read the riot act. Now we’re all roasted!

  • Mike Z

    Keep assuming the position. Everything moves slowly in the Senate, even nuclear fallout.

  • Tom

    Ayatollah Reid pushed the button!

  • Tom

    There’s NSA surveillance equipment under everybodys desk! Maybe they thought Reid had a REAL nuclear option!

  • Buck Berry

    The hard part is trying to cover your behind!

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    Are we going to have to stay down here as long as they’re in charge?

  • disqus_zaCJJeFItp

    It’s gonna be even less comfortable when they take back control!

  • A. Writer

    We’ll have to use our Cruz missile.

  • Booberry

    Are we we part of Strategic Airhead Command?

  • Booberry

    Is there life after bureaucracy?

  • Booberry

    Ted Cruz just launched a retaliatory filibusterbunker bomb.

  • Booberry

    Is this Mutually Assured Democracy?

  • c p

    All safe to come out and resume fundraising now!

  • Tom

    Luckily I keep my campaign funds in a Special Interest Nuclear Option Fallout Bunker!

  • Bill Seedyke

    Demonstration of Proper Position when Listening to Colleagues

  • Poca11

    Psst! Are you sure this is proper protocol for this type of disaster?

  • Delanne

    The silence is deafening!

  • MC

    More Green Eggs and Bam!

  • jlcgrasser

    “Look out, here comes Harry!!”

  • Abi

    I haven’t been in a Nuclear Safety Drill since elementary school!

  • jlee

    How are we still alive? He said Skidoosh!

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